I was recently provided with an internal Bloomberg communication from Cesca Antonelli, Editor-in-Chief at Bloomberg Industry Group*. Antonelli  scoped out Bloomberg’s plans: “ … as we move into 2023, we will substantially grow the size of our newsroom. You read that right. At a time when it seems like our entire industry is shrinking and doing more with less, Bloomberg Industry Group is making a big bet on robust journalism.” Leadership is committed to marrying the best content to the best AI.

Legal News Focus Bloomberg Law is going to focus on “the part of our market that is growing the most: news for Big Law litigators. Our goal is to become No. 1 in litigation news, and that’s where most of these new jobs will be.”  Although no specific hiring target is mentioned, the new positions will include team leaders, deputies, content editors and reporters. The positions will be filled with both internal candidates and external recruits.

The strategy will be to “stand up a team of writers inside courthouses in key locations. There will be “a new SWAT team of general assignment reporters to write stories about the decisions our legal intelligence teams don’t currently have time to get done. New Continue Reading Bloomberg Law is Doubling Down on Legal News– Starts Hiring Spree to Bulk Up Legal Coverage

  1. Thomson Reuters Signals to Lawyers “You’re On Your Own” – Ends Evening and Weekend Customer Support Today
  2. Breaking News –Thomson Reuters To Reinstate 24X7 Research Helpdesk January 18th
  3. Westlaw Precision Launches With Promise to Cut Lawyer Research Time in Half
  4. Reuters Legal News – No Paywall! No Onepass!  Customizable Legal News
  5. LexisNexis Unveils API Developer Portal to Enhance Business Intelligence and Workflow
  6. Lexis Offers Westlaw Users 24/7 Support Through January 17th When Westlaw Resumes Full Service
  7. Associates Flaining in the Abyss of Information Lexis Fact and Issue Finder Promises Relief
  8. Breaking News : Gavelytics Groundbreaking State Analytics Platform to Shut Down Tomorrow June 30, 2022
  9. Ten Years On – Bloomberg Law Releases Documentary on the Collapse of Dewey LeBoeuf
  10. Legal Research Platforms Customer Service Survey – Customer Support in a Freefall
  11. 2022 Report on The State of the Legal Market – Stop Throwing Money at the Talent War!
  12. Law360 Pulse Releases Law Firm Leaderboard Rankings
  13. HBR Acquired by PE Firm – To Join LAC in Renovus Professional Services Portfolio
  14. BriefCatch 3  Offers 11,000 AI and NLP Enabled  Editorial Suggestions to Streamline and Tighten Legal Writing
  15. Power Tools for Budget Planning – TRG Releases Optimize Insights for Research Monitor
  16. Legaltech Hub 2.0 Launches New Insights into Legal Tech and Services Market
  17. The American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Publishes Guide to US Primary Law Online
  18. How To Evaluate and Get Started with Data APIs
  19. If Data is the New Gold, then Law Libraries are a Goldmine: Panning for Gold with APIs – Part 1 Getting Started
  20. Wolters Kluwer Releases Sharepoint Integration, New Dashboard and Previews Analyzers At AALL
  21. Lex Machina Launches Federal Appellate Analytics
  22. Lexis API for Courtroom Insight Adds LexisNexis Context Analytics to Judge and Expert Profiles
  23. Fastcase Docket Alarm Adds Visual Timelines and AI Enabled Motion Grant Analytics
  24. Post-Pandemic Legal Research Procurement Survey – What’s Hot and What’s Not?
  25. Fastcase 50 Announced – Congratulations to Class of 2022

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.  is announcing the relaunch of Kluwer IP Law, the master resource for intellectual property rights and registration. The new user experience is designed to maximized  efficient workflow. The new interface allows  users to save their favorite resources and will offer a News Alert service. Kluwer IP Law is Wolters Kluwer’s flagship service focused on all key IP law, providing legal professionals with quick answers and Continue Reading Wolters Kluwer Announces Relaunch of Kluwer IP Law with New Intuitive User Interface

LegalOn Technologies (“LegalOn”) a leading legal technology company from Japan,  has announced its expansion into the United States and  the appointment of Daniel Lewis as US CEO. Daniel Lewis is well known in the U.S. legal tech community as the co-Founder of Ravel Law (later acquired by LexisNexis). Ravel Law completely reimagined the delivery of caselaw research results and was the first platform to offer Judge’s “Precedential Behavior Analysis.”

According to the press release “LegalOn has built the world’s leading AI contract review solution for in-house teams and law firms. The company has over 3,000  law firm and law department customers, a team of 400 employees, $101m in recent funding. LegalOn was founded in 2017 by two corporate lawyers and the company is backed by leading investors

Nozomu Tsunoda, CEO is quoted in the press release: “We have over 3,000 customers, a team of 400 employees, $101m in recent fundraising, and now we’ve added an experienced executive, Daniel Lewis, to lead our US expansion.”

Daniel Lewis and Nozomu Tsunoda of LegalOn Technologies

Lewis joins LegalOn as US CEO after five years at LexisNexis leading practical guidance businesses serving 100k+ attorneys. He previously founded and led Ravel Law, a legal analytics software company. “One of the biggest challenges that general counsel and in-house teams face is providing timely review on urgent, high-volume contracts like NDAs and purchase agreements,” says Daniel Lewis, US CEO.

I recently interviewed Lewis and JP Biard, the Head of Global Strategy. Lewis  described how the drag and drop feature provides complete contract analysis in  lightning speed. The product provides clause by clause analysis and guidance. Another unique feature is that the product supports “point of view” analysis meaning that it provides guidance based on the position of the party. There are currently over 60 Japanese agreements supported. LegalOn is in the process of building up the U.S. corpus of contracts it will support by using Natural Continue Reading Daniel Lewis Co-Founder of Ravel Law Joins LegalOn Technologies

As fall associates settle into the reality of legal practice, I am taking the opportunity to share a variety of research “best practices.” These rules can be applied across all environments: law firm, corporate, public service and government. New associates are facing the messy reality of needing to harness legal and factual issues that need to be addressed in real time an often on tight deadlines. No matter what kind of environment a lawyer is in, I recommend finding a research mentor of some kind. Large and medium sized law firm are likely to have a research team staffed by professional researchers, often with an MLS and/or a JD. Countless benefits can follow from tapping into their expertise to guide your research challenges.

Research has changed dramatically over the past decade as technology has replaced standard print finding tools. Volumes of citators and digests have been supplanted by digital and AI enabled tools of breathtaking wizardry. No matter where an organization is on the technology spectrum the basic “rules” below should ease your research journey.

1. Be certain that you understand the assignment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There is no shame in asking for clarification.

2. Just Ask! A popular mnemonic “Just Ask” is used by many library teams to remind lawyers

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Law.com Radar, ALM’s technology-driven legal news platform has added a significant new offering to its litigation surveillance tool. Law.com Radar will now offer “breaking litigation” updates from the Delaware Chancery Court. This matters because, the Delaware Chancery Court is one of the most significant courts for commercial litigation in the United States.

Each case filed in the Court of Chancery will be available on Law.com Radar with a concise summary and one-click access to the complaint.

Radar’s alerting features enable subscriber to use filters to customize alerts targeting companies, industries, practice areas and Continue Reading “Breaking Litigation” Alerts From Delaware Court of Chancery Added to Law.com Radar

HBR Consulting (HBR),  a  leading legal industry  strategy, operations and technology consulting firm, has been acquired by private equity firm Renovus Capital (Renovus). The press release describes Renvous as a strategic capital partner. The agreement was effective November 10, 2022.

Renovus specializes in the knowledge and talent industries, with recent  investments in the legal services space. They previously invested in LAC Group which like HBR offered consulting and management of library/information services.  “The legal industry remains in the early stages of digital and operational transformation,” said Renovus founding partner Jesse Serventi. “As we scanned the legal marketplace as part of our investments in LAC Group and Wilson Allen, HBR routinely came up as a firm at the cutting-edge of this movement.”

Here is an excerpt from a message they are sending to customers:

The agreement will separate HBR’s traditional advisory and IT managed services businesses into two separate entities.

Matt Sunderman will assume the role of CEO of HBR Consulting. HBR Consulting co-founders Christopher Petrini-Poli and Nicholas Continue Reading HBR Acquired by PE Firm – To Join LAC in Renovus Professional Services Portfolio

Today  Lex Machina and LexisNexis announced the official release of a new topical area of analytics — Internet Law. This new federal practice area  includes data for any case with one or more claims brought under one of the following federal statutes: (i) the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), (ii) the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), or (iii) the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) which includes the Stored Communications Act (SCA). It is an important area of law in which transparency and understanding provide a crucial edge. The new Continue Reading Lex Machina Launches Legal Analytics for New Practice Area: Internet Law

On September 15th I presented the results of my “2022 Dewey B Strategic Start Stop Survey” at an HBR-sponsored LINKS program. I co-presented the results with HBR Managing Director Kris Martin.  The Dewey B Strategic “Start Stop Survey” was launched in 2013 but was suspended during the pandemic. The 2022 survey was intended to gather feedback on both products and projects that readers started or stopped since the start of the pandemic (March 2020) through August 2022. This post will focus on the vendor and product related results. Forty-three firms responded to the survey.

The survey questions asked respondents to identify products purchased or cancelled and the best products or features added. We also asked what product readers would like to see developed. A new topic that was addressed in this survey focused on identifying vendor “worst practices.”  Bonus content includes pop survey about the launch of Westlaw Precision. 

What practice do you want vendors to stop doing?
Summary: Survey participants were asked what practices vendors need to stop. The number one issue identified by survey participants was bundling.

Bundling is a practice that requires firms to purchase one or more products that they do not need in order to purchase the product(s) that they do need. Many vendors describe their relationship with law firms as a partnership. A partnership would involve acknowledging the

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This week  Fastcase  is announcing three new projects for 2023 which will become the foundation of additional state initiatives across the country in the future.
Dockets with the State Bar of Texas
State Bar of Texas has given its members access to  DocketAlarm brief, pleading and motion documents in Fastcase. The Texas bar will also launch a  digest curated by the Fastcase/Casemaker editorial team in the key practice areas of oil & gas and real estate. These initiatives are all based on feedback as they build out docket analytics within the Fastcase platform.
Forms workflow with the Arkansas Bar Association
The Arkansas Bar Association is expanding its publishing projects with Fastcase. The Bar Association is offering its own practice guides

Continue Reading Fastcase 2023 Roadmap Includes New Citator Called “Cert”