I am hearing from multiple sources that David Perla has resigned as President of the BloombergBNA legal division.  According to Bob Amrbrogi’s website Law Sites  Perla is being replaced by Scott Mazorsky who will report to Greg McCaffery, the BloombergBNA CEO.
( I hate when Bob scoops me!).

Perla brought a lot of energy to

Bloomberg is on an innovation roll. It was only two weeks
ago that BloombergBNA announced the

release of their new Banking Law platform. Today
they  announced the  release of Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise
which  is now available to all Bloomberg
Law subscribers in the Bankruptcy Practice Center.  David
Perla, President of Bloomberg Legal  stated in

Today Bloomberg BNA announced the launch of Bloomberg Law: Banking. Until now Bloomberg Law appeared to be focused exclusively on competing with Thomson Reuters and LexisNexis in selling legal research platforms on an enterprise basis. With the launch of Bloomberg Law:  Banking, Bloomberg seems to be taking aim at Wolters Kluwer, a company which