I have been invited to give the William A. Gillard Lecture at my alma mater, St. John’s University Division of Library and Information Science.

 “Has the Librarian-ship Sailed? Redefining the Profession in a Post-Google World” will address the dramatic impact of intelligent machines on all professions including librarianship and highlight emerging opportunities for information

The July issue of Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations, highlights issues facing information professionals. Articles explore the current state of AI, Innovation in practice, Outside Counsel Guidelines,  Sustainable KM, CRM Data Quality and  New Career Paths  for information professionals. The full issue can be accessed here.

The Changing Focus of AI: Classic AI, Artificial Neural Networks

future is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed.”
William Gibson,
author and futurist.
uneven “distribution of the future” is fueling an intense debate within the
American Association of Law Libraries. Last week the  organization
announced that the Executive Committee had voted unanimously to change the name
of the organization to the

This past week ALM released their Annual Law Librarian Survey and the American Lawyer published a companion article “The Bookless Library “  by MP McQueen, which describes the transformation of law firm libraries into new kinds of environments offering new kinds of services. I have previously written stories about innovative library spaces but I love

Law Libraries Have Changed  c. Jean OGrady

Law Librarians were in law firms at least 30 years before any law firm hired a computer services technician. Law librarians have been breaking down the library walls for decades, but it was only this week that the Private Law Libraries section of AALL rebranded.

Law librarians were

Image result for ilta peer to peer professional evolutionThe Spring issue of  ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine is devoted to the  topic of “The Professional Evolution.” Articles address the changes impacting, IT, Professional Development, Diversity, Marketing, Pricing and other management professionals in law firms. I contributed the article covering the transformation of law librarians and information professionals. The editors of Peer to Peer shortened the title of my article to “

The July edition of Practice Innovations from Thomson Reuters was just released and it
includes an interesting array of articles of interest to law firm executives in
a wide ranges of areas including, procurement, business development, process improvement, knowledge and library management,. Below you can link directly to articles of interest.