I wrote my first post about Voxgov in 2017 I described it as “ as Goldmine of Hidden US Government Insights and Trends.”  Voxgov is one of those products that I wish I had thought up myself. Founder, Robert Dessau an Australian lawyer working in New York recognized  that US government documents are gold mine of valuable research and data, but  it was not always easy to locate.  The Voxgov database monitors the websites and issuances of over 9,000 federal government offices. The database now includes 75 million documents. Approximately 7 million new documents are ingested and processed each year. All of these documents are tagged using Natural Language Processing  ((NLP) to enable researchers to figure out what has the government said on any topic at any time.

I recently spoke with Dessau to learn about some exiting new features  and content sets that that improve the precision of search
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