Last week Bloomberg acknowledged that Bloomberg reporters had used the infamous “Z”  and  “UUID” functions on the Bloomberg terminal to access “customer data.”  Reporters had access to the names of users at an organization, how long the account had existed, when the account was last used and what broad categories of data they had accessed, e.g.

Today, Bloomberg Law is announcing the release of a new suite of  tools for lawyers which are focused on the unrelenting demand for lawyers to improve their knowledge of their clients and their clients industries.  Several months ago newly appointed CEO Greg McCaffery indicated that he anticipated that BLaw would be expanding their offerings to

When Bloomberg acquired the Bureau of National Affairs in 2011, many legal information professionals wondered if this was simply another takeover that would obliterate the identity, the products and culture of yet another venerated  legal publisher.  Would Bloomberg Law crush the deep and well cultivated relationships that BNA had developed with law firms and law librarians over the years?