Legal publishing industry mergers

Lexis Quietly Acquires a Collection for Oxford University Press
This past week Lexis quietly acquired the a collection of  55 titles  from Oxford University Press US Law Division.  Now before you get too excited here’s the bummer – the collection does not include one of my personal favorites, the Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations by

I think I can hear librarians throughout the US breathing a collective sigh of relief:
Today began with the announcement of the acquisition of the Portfolio Media Law360 newsletters by LexisNexis and was followed by reassuring phone calls and communications from Law 360  to its customers.
The Lexis acquisition of Law360 is being described as a

Since thirteen or fourteen years is an eternity in the world of business cycles, here is a bit of history for the young ‘uns about an earlier merger/purchase. In 1998, at about the time of the Frankfurt Book Fair (early-mid October), Wolters Kluwer and Reed Elsevier announced a merger. This was pretty shocking news to

Years ago I was introduced to the concept of the Virtuous Circle at a meeting with Brian Hall, the first post-Merger CEO of ThomsonWest. In Hall’s presentation, “The Virtuous Circle” was  all about  what I would call the “karma of client relations.”  Treating  your customers fairly  will create loyal customers who will spend ever more money