Matthew Bender Online was one of the earliest digital successors to legal treatises on cd-rom. When it was released in the early 1990s, MBOnline offered an elegantly  simple interface and eliminated the technical  idiosyncrasies ( I almost wrote atrocities) of managing networked cd-roms. It allowed lawyers to have digital access to multi-volume treatises. But it was

“The new normal” in law firms demands a relentless focus on efficiency. Even complex transactional work offers opportunities for process improvement. Lexis is expanding the offerings of Practice Advisor and taking aim at market share now held by Practical Law Company (PLC) a UK company which was recently purchased by Thomson Reuters.Lexis Practice Advisor is

On Sunday,  July 22nd, I participated in the AALL program  on the Next Generation Of Legal Research Databases where co-panelists,  Jean Davis, Emily Marcum, Susan Nevelow Mart and Victoria Szymczak delivered the results of the survey we conducted regarding academic, law firm and government adoption of Lexis Advance, Westlaw Next and Bloomberg Law. A lively discussion was

Academic, Government/Court, Private Firm and Corporate law libraries are invited to participate in a survey about  their  organizations adoption of LexisAdvance,Westlaw Next and Bloomberg Law for the upcoming AALL program
The New Generation of Legal Research Databases
on July 22, 2012 in Boston.The Deadline for the survey has been extended to June

Today, Bernstein Research. released a report: Reed Elsevier: Voices Calling for Asset Divestitures Should Grow Louder, and Perhaps Fall on Deaf Ears which includes some significant implications for the legal publishing marketplace. The report recommends that Reed Elsevier divest some units including LexisNexis and suggests by implication that Bloomberg Law is standing by and