Today the Courthouse News Service reported that  The law firm Himmelstein McConnell, Gribben  Donahue and Joseph LLP filed a class action lawsuit against Matthew Bender & Company a Member  of Lexis/Nexis Group Inc. in a New York State Supreme Court on February 23rd.

The complaint alleges  that the  annual publication, the New York Landlord Tenant Law book

Bloomberg is on an innovation roll. It was only two weeks
ago that BloombergBNA announced the

release of their new Banking Law platform. Today
they  announced the  release of Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise
which  is now available to all Bloomberg
Law subscribers in the Bankruptcy Practice Center.  David
Perla, President of Bloomberg Legal  stated in

Matthew Bender Online was one of the earliest digital successors to legal treatises on cd-rom. When it was released in the early 1990s, MBOnline offered an elegantly  simple interface and eliminated the technical  idiosyncrasies ( I almost wrote atrocities) of managing networked cd-roms. It allowed lawyers to have digital access to multi-volume treatises. But it was

Since thirteen or fourteen years is an eternity in the world of business cycles, here is a bit of history for the young ‘uns about an earlier merger/purchase. In 1998, at about the time of the Frankfurt Book Fair (early-mid October), Wolters Kluwer and Reed Elsevier announced a merger. This was pretty shocking news to

I was at first excited by the prospect of eBooks for law firms. Next year could we be handing new associates an i-Pad loaded with a custom practice library? Could eBooks liberate law firms from the significant cost of housing, maintaining and updating print resources? Could eBooks liberate librarians from managing the substantial overhead of