If anyone had asked me in 2006 if there was room in legal publishing for a new suite of topical current  awareness newsletters I would have said “no.” BNA, Andrews, Mealys. Warren  and a host of other super-specialty newsletters had left no niche of law lie fallow.And I would have been dead wrong! I

I think I can hear librarians throughout the US breathing a collective sigh of relief:
Today began with the announcement of the acquisition of the Portfolio Media Law360 newsletters by LexisNexis and was followed by reassuring phone calls and communications from Law 360  to its customers.
The Lexis acquisition of Law360 is being described as a

You heard it here first. A press release confirms that Lexis has acquired Portfolio Media the publisher of the Law360 Newsletters. The press release provides no details on how this acquisition will impact either Law360 subscribers or current subscribers to LexisNexis. I analysed several scenarios in my recent post  A Lexis -Law360 Deal: The Race