News You Can Use! For those of us who toil at the intersection of copyright and human behavior, any publisher who keeps making it easier to legitimize the natural impulse of lawyers to embrace every venue for highlighting their accomplishments and share news and insights with their clients gets my endorsement. Last July Wolters Kluwer launched a new series of daily newsletters, The Wolters Kluwer Daily Reporting Suite which allows subscribers to forward stories to clients and colleagues. Today Wolters Kluwer is expanding their policy by granting a license allowing law firms to post Daily Alert stories which mention the firm or individual lawyers on the firm’s website and to include reprints of these stories in promotional materials 7 days after the initial publication. I once again applaud Wolters Kluwer for respecting the integrity of their subscribers enough to allow the reuse of these stories. This is a great business strategy which in marketing terms, creates “stickiness” between the publisher and it’s subscribers. It creates enormous good will by supporting the marketing and business development needs of firms.


And they also released 2 New Newsletters in the Wolters Kluwer Daily Reporting Suite

Today’s release expands suite of current awareness products which are focused on the “hottest”  and most complex practices. The Daily Reporting Suite now includes: Antitrust, Securities Regulation, Health Law, Employment Law and Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance and Products Liability.

The Press release quotes WK Legal Market Leader Robert Lemmond:

“The response to our Daily Reporting
Suite has been extremely positive and we are pleased to be expanding the topics
to include the key areas of product liability, insurance and banking and
finance. Legal professionals consistently tell us they need a reliable news
source to keep them fully briefed on breaking legal news, court decisions, and
legislative and regulatory developments that impact every aspect of their
practice.  At Wolters Kluwer, our team of
attorney-editors have enabled us to expand our Daily Reporting Suite and continue
to make the critical challenge of staying up-to-date with relevant cases,
statutory changes and new rulemakings a much faster and
more streamlined process.”

The Content.  These daily news services will deliver breaking news from both the federal and state level, the latest rulemaking and updates on litigation as well as a complete summary of the daily legal news. legislative and regulatory activity and highlights of state agency enforcement activity.Access to all links to cases, state laws and regulations,and other primary source documents.


Banking and Finance will cover all of the hot issues of interest:


Bank Secrecy Act , Volker Rule,Capital and Basel Accords, UDAAP,Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ,Truth in Lending, Dodd Frank Act,  Securities and Derivatives Enforcement Actions, Equal Credit Opportunity, RESPA, Fair Credit Reporting, Identity Theft, Mergers and Acquisitions, The Federal Reserve Board


Products Liability Law Coverage includes:

  •  Full summaries of products liability decisions issued by federal and state supreme, appellate, and district courts, including the presiding judges and names of the attorneys representing the parties
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulatory and administrative developments, product recalls, agency enforcement activities, and more
  • Access to all links to cases, Federal Register Issuances and other primary documents
  • Federal consumer product safety legislative activity

Products Liability Law Daily Topics include:

Design, manufacturing and warning defects, Defenses to liability, Damages, Expert Evidence, Preemption, Consumer product and motor vehicle recalls, CPSC settlement agreements, Product testing and certification, Motor vehicle exemptions and Import rules

Mobility Rules The products will be delivered via email, RSS feed, and mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.

Here are the standard Daily Report features: 

  • Daily email summaries written by knowledgeable attorneys and industry experts with links to the full text of any new cases, regulatory or statutory developments, and breaking news 
  • Seamless access to information from ANY mobile device without being prompted for logins/passwords. Other legal news services require logins creating unnecessary time delays.  
  • The ability to customize content by topical area and jurisdiction so users can view the content that is the most relevant to them 
  • Built-in copyright permissions that permit legal professionals to instantly share information with clients or colleagues without having to download or reassemble information. 
  • Time-saving mobile apps with customizable home page, ability to filter by topic/jurisdiction, note-taking capabilities, favorites folders and email functionality 
  • A searchable archive on Wolters Kluwer’s proprietary online content delivery platform, IntelliConnect.
In the Pipeline  Wolters Kluwer is also planning to release a daily insurance product in June.

Wolters Kluwer continues its assault on the  topical legal “newsletter” niche which has been  dominated by Bloomberg BNA and Law 360. However WK seems to have an edge in customization of both content and delivery. They are remain  ahead of the entire market in advancing policies which allow lawyers to legally “socialize” their content and maximize it’s marketing value for the law firm… which is no small benefit in this fiercely competitive legal  market. Time will tell if these distinctions and the quality of the WK proprietary analysis translate into market share.


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