Fastcase  which made it’s name as a low cost alternative to Lexis and Westlaw with an innovative search engine including  graphical timelines for analyzing caselaw has announced a move into the growing legal process improvement and  workflow arena.

www.fastcase.comToday LexisNexis and Fastcase announced that the Collier TopForm & File product will now be provided exclusively by Fastcase and will be known simply as “TopForm.”

In an interview Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase stated that after Fastcase reengineers the product he expects it to become the leading bankruptcy efiling product which can be scaled to  law firms of any size. The current cd-rom platform has limited the product’s appeal to solo lawyers and small bankruptcy practices. Walters expects the cloud based product to be available by April 2014.  Fastcase President Phil Rosenthal is quoted in the press release: “Integrating the editorial expertise of LexisNexis and one of the industry’s best filing and form systems with Fastcase ‘s technology and online database will provide every TopForm subscriber with more access and helpful tools than ever before.”

According to the press release:

“LexisNexis will continue editorial updates to the service through 2017, with Fastcase focusing on product development, especially a Web version of the TopForm software tightly integrated with Fastcase’s legal research service. The combination will produce the most authoritative, powerful bankruptcy software on the market”

In an interview, Ed Walters, Fastcase, CEO, stated  ” We’ve
been interested for some time in expanding into e-filing, document automation,
and practice management, so this is a great entrée into all three. ”

Key Features

  • Prepare and File Electronically
    Prepare and file schedules and forms electronically through a simple e-filing interface. Easily download new and revised forms. Prepare the Proof of Claim form as well as post-petition motions, orders and notices. Also expand your ability to take on new types of filings with comprehensive, up-to-date Chapter 13 plans.
  • In-Depth Form Interview Questions
    Form data entry interview questions with contextual guidance assist you every step of the way so you can finish your form faster and more accurately.
  • Click-Through Data Entry
    Experience simple click-through data entry, maximized full-screen viewing, easy access to master address list including common creditors and other key contacts, and related document/certificate attachment. Automatically populate credit report data. Customize personal and jurisdictional preferences and standard firm information. Capture and add key dates or case status throughout the entire case management process.
  • Review Forms While You Work on Them
    Easily review forms with a question-and-answer summary for each form, preview the form with your answers and spell-check the information you’ve entered directly from the data entry interview.
  • New Form Alerts
    Be alerted as soon as federal and local form updates are available to be confident you’re using the most up-to-date information, and help ensure that your filing is accepted.
  • Due Diligence Resources, Current Exemption and ECF Compliance
    Help verify that your client’s position is vetted by leveraging due diligence data and reports. Access the latest exemption laws for all jurisdictions and maintain full compliance with all current versions of CM/ECF used by the courts.
  • The LexisNexis Question?

    I get why Fastcase wants this product. I don’t get why LexisNexis is letting it go. After all, LexisNexis is also in the productivity space.  I have to assume that this is happening because Lexis has a new  “Practice Advisor” bankruptcy product in  the wings. 

    Here is a link to the Press Release.