Fastcase  which made it’s name as a low cost alternative to Lexis and Westlaw with an innovative search engine including  graphical timelines for analyzing caselaw has announced a move into the growing legal process improvement and  workflow arena.

www.fastcase.comToday LexisNexis and Fastcase announced that the Collier TopForm & File product will now be provided exclusively by Fastcase and

This is the first alignment of independent legal publishers that I can recall.. As a consumer of  legal information, I appreciate the importance of small publishers in the legal information ecosphere. Past  publishing partnerships involved companies of wildly disproportionate size and market power. This partnership has delightful symmetry and counterpoint (Hein offers  deep archive

There are two things that surprised me about the Fastcase release of advance sheets which was announced last week.

1. Faster to the ebook market. Once again  Fastcase has leapfrogged over many well established legal publishers by jumping into the eBook market. Last year at AALL, only the two largest  legal publishers LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters, were