Now in its sixth year, the PLL Summit
continues to be a vehicle for examining the impact and opportunities presented
by change in the legal industry. The PLL Summit 2015: The Innovation
will explore how librarians can help provide innovative
solutions to the business challenges which law firms and legal information professionals
are facing in today’s legal market. 

The Summit Keynote is Karl Ulrich, Vice
Dean of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of
business,. Professor Ulrich is the author of Innovation Tournaments:
Selecting and Creating Exceptional Opportunities
. Attendees will
participate in an exciting “innovation tournament” exercises facilitated by
Prof. Ulrich. The goal is to have Summit
attendees not only to learn about innovation in theory but also to practice
innovation in action. 

Additional presentations during the
day will address the current state of the legal industry, the roles librarians
play in our organizations, and will provide examples of innovative products and
processes developed by information professionals to meet existing and evolving
business needs of their clients.   

Please visit the 2015 Summit blog for more
details and updates.Marcia
Burris & Denise Pagh are the 2015 Summit Co-Chairs.

NPR Host Terry Gross is Keynote for
AALL Annual Meeting and Conference.

National Public Radio is one of the few news
organizations which routinely gives “on air” credit to the contributions of
their librarian Kee Maleski to each show. Ms. Gross may be the
first AALL keynote speaker who has a personal appreciation of the contributions
of information professionals to the success of an organization.

Here are excerpts from the AALL Press

Fresh Air: Terry Gross Interviews
Terry Gross
CHICAGO, Jan. 21, 2015—The American
Association of Law Libraries (AALL) officially released the name of its 108th
Annual Meeting & Conference keynote speaker today: Terry Gross, host of
National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air.” In 1975, Gross joined WHYY-FM in
Philadelphia as producer and host of “Fresh Air,“then a local, daily interview
and music program. “Fresh Air” evolved into a daily, one hour national edition
that has been produced by WHYY-FM, and distributed by NPR, since 1987. Gross
has won praise over the years for her low-key and friendly yet probing
interview style and the diversity of her guests, often asking them well
researched and unexpected questions about their early careers. Ever-inquisitive
and nuanced, she gives her listeners unique access to the perspectives of
thought leaders in the arts, sciences, and popular culture through her thorough
and often revelatory interviews.”Fresh Air” is currently broadcast on nearly
600 stations and became the first non-drive time show in public radio history
to reach more than 5 million listeners a week. “Fresh Air” and Gross have
received a number of awards over the years including the Peabody Award in 1994;
an America Women in Radio and Television National Network Radio Personality
Gracie Award in 1999; and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Edward R.
Murrow Award in 2003.The AALL 108th Annual Meeting & Conference will be
held in Philadelphia from July 18-21, 2015; registration will open