Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center Dashboard

Anyone who reads my blog must know by now that I am a “soft touch” when it comes to products which offer  intuitive access to analytics. I was anxious to get a close look at the Thomson Reuters Intelligence Center which was launched last year.

The Thomson Reuters Legal Intelligence Center is the latest offering in a suite of business development products such have offered increasingly sophisticated tracking and reporting on litigation activities in the US. Thomson Reuters Client & Market
Intelligence products include Monitor Suite, Dockets, Court Wire, and
WestlawNext Practitioner Insights.

Monitor Suite  was launched in 2005 and was originally named Firm360. At the time it offered ground breaking reports and analysis of a company’s litigation history by extracting docket data. The Intelligence Center extends the range, depth and flexibility of the reports which can be generated using the intuitive Intelligence Center dashboard. The Monitor Suite leverages the design and technology used to build recent Thomson Reuters solutions such as Firm Central and Concourse.
Like these products, the widgets within Intelligence Center are highly interactive, enabling users to view and manipulate seemingly endless combinations of data points (lawyers, law firms, judges, companies, industries…).  Jefff Arvison, Director of Product Management described the benefit of using these platforms in a press release. By leveraging the these new “we were able to combine the collaboration tools of our client- and matter-centric platforms, along with the analytical power of Monitor Suite, to provide the business development focus that law firms want and need.”

Map Your Opportunity. My favorite part of the product is the national litigation map. This
feature allows a firm to see where a client or company of interest is
currently engaged in litigation,  where a firm is engaged in
representing client and states where the firm has the opportunity to generate business with the client.The  the deeply faceted data supports easy custom analysis of litigation activity and opportunity. 

Firm Profile Views – Innovative approach to displaying opportunity

Purple – you firm has work
Green – Firm has work but client not represented
Orange = client is there an firm is there but no representation

Examples of reports include reports
 by company, law firm, judge, causes of action.

Industry Litigation Reports
Select companies in a single industry and track litigation over time, analyse the attorney
  • Litigation Representation by Share of Industry
  • Compare your firm’s share of litigation across an industry
  • Compare you firm’s share of litigation in an industry to other law firms history representing the company or industy
  • Litigation by Industry
Attorney Representation Report 
Attorney Representation Report
Wheel charts parse an individual lawyers litigation history and shows which companies they represent, what courts they practice in and what area of law they litigate.

Center provides views into a company’s litigation activity by
jurisdiction over multiple time periods, along with the ability to see
the firm’s share of litigation representation for that company. The tool
also offers a company comparison chart that can help identify industry
trends and provides company-related news through WestlawNext.

Access and Collaboration. Reports can be delivered to interested lawyers by sending them a link to a report which  can transparently authenticated and will continue to  update. An RSS feed can be posted on a practice or client page.

The Intelligence Center not only streamlines  processes, it performs analyses that were for all practical purposes impossible to perform in an analog world. Yet these reports don’t run themselves. TR Intelligence Center is a reminder that information professional are faced with an abundance of opportunity to introduce and explore and promote the benefits of analytics in the business and practice of law.