The latest issue of Practice Innovations  was the “technology” issue. Each article probes a specific  technological pain point known to every law firm.

Here are the articles from the current issue:

Too Much Computer Security? A request for Better Customer Relations by Conrad Jacoby, efficientEDO

Too Many Passwords by Bobby Kuzma, Systems Engineer, Security Technologies

Today Ravel Law announced the addition  of new features and extended judges analytics to cover opinions of appellate judges in 5 states.  I described Ravel’s core functionality in an earlier post Ravel Law: Legal Research Radically Reimagined. I also wrote a post when  Ravel  launched its  Judicial Analytics  product in April
2015. The initial launch offered analytics for federal judges.


Last week Ravel and Handshake Software announced a partnership.
Law firms with Handshake software will be able to integrate Ravel caselaw and
analytics into desktop applications and create personal homepages. On Monday Ravel
co-founders Daniel Lewis and Nik Reed were featured in a Forbes article about
the emergence of Big Data in the practice of

Image result for lex machina logoLately
I feel like a kid in an analytics candy store. The recent wave of products offering analytic insights is escalating  the power of legal research and creating new opportunities for information professionals to offer “game changing” insights to the attorneys they support. Lex Machina is having a good year. AALL recently awarded Lex Machina

Today Bloomberg BNA is  announcing the launch of Bloomberg Law:Corporate Transactions, “a revolutionary new web-based product that includes a patented technology-driven drafting workflow tool, analytics powered by Bloomberg’s proprietary financial databases.”  Bloomberg provided me with an exclusive preview.  The resource leverages and integrates the Bloomberg BNA  deal repository, news publications, primary resources, secondary materials,

Ravel Law is  relatively new entrant to the legal research market. Just looking at Ravel you can see that it was designed without regard to the hierarchical and organizational conventions of  traditional legal research. They use a unique algorithm and an analytical approach to displaying and ranking the relevance of cases which I outlined in

I don’t hide the fact that I am a “big data” and analytics enthusiast. Having started my career in an analog world of print and key word searching, I have a deep appreciation for the fact that we are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of legal  research products. Products have evolved from providing answers to providing

Image result for ilta peer to peer professional evolutionThe Spring issue of  ILTA’s Peer to Peer magazine is devoted to the  topic of “The Professional Evolution.” Articles address the changes impacting, IT, Professional Development, Diversity, Marketing, Pricing and other management professionals in law firms. I contributed the article covering the transformation of law librarians and information professionals. The editors of Peer to Peer shortened the title of my article to “