Lou Andreozzi, former Chairman of Bloomberg Law and CEO
of LexisNexis North American Legal Markets, has been named CEO of .law by Minds + Machines, Minds + Machine was granted an exclusive license to market the new generic  top level domain .law  by  ICANN  (The Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers) which governs internet domain assignments. Andreozzi not only has
experience in the legal market but his experience includes leading the
Martindale Hubbell, which in pre-internet days was the premier marketing
vehicle for law firms. In a recent interview, Andreozzi took credit for
acquiring the domain “lawyers.com” domain for Lexis. He believes that since law firms have a much more sophisticated understanding of marketing than they did when Martindale Hubbell ruled the legal market, firms are likely to welcome and recognize the importance of claiming a .law presence on the web.

Organizing the legal market on the web

.law will officially launch in August. Unlike .com and
.net which can be used by virtually any organization, .law registration will
require the registrant to be a lawyer. Each registrants legal credentials will go
through a two step verification process. Law firms will have a chance to
re-brand their web presence.

Andreozzi believes that 
.law enable .law domain owners to get better rankings in Google. It will
also give some law firms a second chance to claim a domain name which they were unable to secure in the .com domain. In addition, law firms are very
likely to want to acquire .law domains for both offensive and defensive
strategies. Even if a law firm plans to continue using their .com URL, they
will not want another law firm claiming a confusingly similar .law domain name.

 Minds + Machines is also going to market .law to  other kinds of legal entities. They are
currently in discussions with bar associations around the country and they plan
to give 5 free domain names to each US law school. Other law related entices such as legal publishers will also be eligible for .law registrations if they qualify for registration.
Below is the press release:


SANTA MONICA, April 1, 2015, California, 
– Minds + Machines (LSE: MMX), the owner of the new .law top-level
domain today announced the appointment of Lou Andreozzi, former Chairman of
Bloomberg Law and CEO of LexisNexis North American Legal Markets, Martindale
Hubbell and lawyers.com<http://lawyers.com/>,
as CEO of .law. Carl Jaeckel, founder of Lawyer Central and CMO of Morgan &
Morgan will also join as COO and John Morgan, Founder of Morgan & Morgan,
renowned businessman, philanthropist and political power broker will serve as

Minds + Machines has been granted an exclusive license to
operate the .law top-level domain by the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN), which regulates the Internet namespace and will
provide registry and registrar services for .law.  Andreozzi, Jaeckel and Morgan will play key
leadership roles in the launch of .law. 
The leadership is in discussions with many prominent bar associations,
legal journals and key legal market players worldwide to distribute .law domain

 Lou Andreozzi said, “Minds + Machines has been truly
visionary in recognizing the importance of the new top level domains.  I am very proud to be working alongside them
in bringing .law to the legal industry.”

The new .law web address, which will function just like
other familiar top-level domains such as .com or .org, will go on sale to
accredited lawyers and law firms during the summer of 2015.  Applicants will have their credentials
checked upon registration and renewal.

Antony Van Couvering, Chief Executive Officer of Minds +
Machines, commented, “Lou Andreozzi and his team are the right people to run
.law.  Their experience and network will
assure that qualified lawyers worldwide become aware of .law and its tremendous
benefits to their practice.”

“We are giving lawyers and law firms the once in a
lifetime opportunity to rebrand their identities online, clear up any confusion
with other extensions and differentiate themselves from non-lawyers,” said

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