Lex Machina is not a hard product to use. It is loaded with data and offers lawyers an infinite landscape of  data permutations. As I have often said “lawyers don’t want research products that make them feel like they are wiring a powerplant. They want to flip a light switch.” In 2014 Lex Machina launched three desktop ‘” apps”: the early case assessor,

The March issue of Thomson Reuters Practice Innovations is out. The focus of this issue is “Managing in a Changing Legal Environment. The full issue can be viewed here.

I co-authored Innovation in Serving Those with Modest Means with Sheldon Krantz, the Executive Director of the DC Affordable Law Firm. DCALF  which opened in

Lou Andreozzi, former Chairman of Bloomberg Law and CEO
of LexisNexis North American Legal Markets, has been named CEO of .law by Minds + Machines, Minds + Machine was granted an exclusive license to market the new generic  top level domain .law  by  ICANN  (The Internet Association for Assigned Names and Numbers) which governs internet domain assignments. Andreozzi not

ALM Legal Intelligence released  a new report 2014 State of Digital & Content Marketing.
The digital era pushed  every law firm into fierce publishing mode. Every
law firm publishes alerts, newsletters, tweets, blogs, articles and special
reports. This ALM report examines the challenge of being heard above the roaring
ocean of content. It has never been more

Legal Intelligence just released a white paper Finding the Right Balance: Nonattorney Law Firm Staffing Trends. ‘ (Cover title: Law firm staffing—Finding
the Optimal Mix. “)   The survey was conducted during January and February 2014. The report studies the ongoing efforts by law firms to “optimize” support staff functions and ratios.It appears that law

 In August  2013 LexisNexis announced that they had entered into a joint
venture with Internet Brands (the owner of Cars.com) to develop
“marketing solutions” using the Martindale.com platform. Although
Internet Brands is taking the lead in managing the joint venture there
is no mention of Martindale on their website. Since LexisNexis owns InterAction,  the

If anyone had asked me in 2006 if there was room in legal publishing for a new suite of topical current  awareness newsletters I would have said “no.” BNA, Andrews, Mealys. Warren  and a host of other super-specialty newsletters had left no niche of law lie fallow.And I would have been dead wrong! I

Everyone is building their brand these days. Writing  articles for publication is a common form of marketing outreach which demonstrates the special expertise of the lawyer and firm. It  can put the lawyer and firm name in front of existing and potential clients  who read trade or specialized legal publications. In order to maximize the

Several weeks ago I posted a survey soliciting information on whether law firms highlight information on their non-lawyer staff contributions on the firms public website. All firms are  facing increased competitive scrutiny and are often asked to demonstrate how the firm is using innovative approaches to client support and staffing. It would seem  logical for firms to use their