I don’t hide the fact that I am a “big data” and analytics enthusiast. Having started my career in an analog world of print and key word searching, I have a deep appreciation for the fact that we are witnessing an unprecedented transformation of legal  research products. Products have evolved from providing answers to providing custom insights. When I first wrote about Ravel Law in August 2014, co-founder Daniel Lewis promised me that they were developing a unique product for analysing judicial opinions. I described it at the time as a “killer app.” It goes beyond research and is an app which I could imagine a partner using to plan litigation strategy. Yes there are other litigation analytics products out there, but Ravel is delivering insights which I haven’t seen in any other product. I am excited to see that  Judge’s Analytics  is about to launch.
The founders of Ravel Law have asked me to host the webinar where they will launch Judge Analytics. There is a link to register below.

Join The Free Webinar on Ravel’s Judge Analytics Tool

In this half hour session, you can get the inside scoop on Ravel’s Judge Analytics product, which arms litigators with data and analytics about how individual federal court judges make decisions.

  • Quickly identify opinions authored by your judge about issues like yours and the cases that influenced those rulings
  • Develop a data-driven understanding of your judge’s decision making process
  • Deliver high quality & financially efficient results to your clients

Register here  to join the webinar on Thursday April 16th, from 11:00 – 11:30am PST , 1 -1:30 pm CST, 2-2:30 pm  EST.