and Data Security are two  of the hottest
topics impacting both law firms and their clients.

BloombergBNA,  like their competitors continues to scan the
landscape for new opportunities to help  lawyers 
tackle emerging areas of law while working smarter. BloombergBNA has
been publishing  several newsletters on
these topics  (The Privacy &
Security Law Report
, The Privacy Law Watch and The World Data Protection
). The editorial expertise  which
created  these publications has  been leveraged to build a specialty practice
center which offer new content sets and  interactive. Two weeks ago BloombergBNA launched Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security.

Bloomberg didn’t just
rely on anecdote and news headlines. They commissioned a study  from the International Association of Privacy
Professionals (IAPP). The results of the survey suggest that corporations are
currently underestimating he risks posed by employees and vendors and
overestimating the risk of foreign hackers. President of Bloomberg Law, David Perla
commented that it is “time to go beyond the headlines to understand privacy
issues at a deeper level, and the revelatory findings in this survey are a step
in that direction.” The next step was obviously — creating a product to help
law firms and in-house counsel manage the risk.

The Challenge of
Privacy and Data Security Research

and data security are also among the trickiest issues to research and track
legislative developments. Unlike a topic like “corporations”  where laws have been consolidated into a unified
statutory codification, data security and privacy issues are “sprinkled” throughout
numerous titles and volumes of a single state code.

and data protection are also truly global issues.  Tracking these issues across multiple states
and countries is particularly challenging. The BloombergBNA Privacy & Data
Security product offers tools to simplify the research. Each country has very
different regulatory schemes. BBNA uses big data technology to aggregate and
normalize regulations and laws from around the globe. The Privacy & Data
Security  Product Director Brian Kudowitz,
described the product as attempting to shrink the problem of global research
and add transparency.    

The Current News “Heat Map”

product is organized into four main functional areas Stay Current  for news, Research for primary sources, Advise for specialized insights , Plan & Execute  for drafting policies. The product  offers some terrific interactive tools
and  nice graphic displays. My favorite
feature is the interactive news “heat map” which shows were specific issues are
“hot” around the globe.

CURRENT NEWS – offers a global
news “heat map” which aggregates stories written by BloombergBNA reporters who identify
privacy and data issues from around the globe.

results link to related news stories easy access. In Country experts offer a risk
and enforcement environment analysis for each country and links to primary
ADVISE offers country
profiles, practice portfolios, workplace requirements, global data protection
and treaties.

 RESEARCH: resources include
statutes, regulations, caselaw. Agency materials, Non-US statutes link to laws
posted on each  countries’ website:


  • “Chart builders” – provide
    instant comparisons of global and state laws on specific issues. Two Amlaw
    100 firms contributed surveys.(DLA Piper provided that Data Security
    survey and Morgan Lewis and Bockius 
    created the Breach Notification survey. Charts can be exported to
    excel. Chart builders show code section and links to primary law.
  • “Upcoming enactments” provide
    information on laws which have been passed but not yet enacted.—provides
    future enactment dates.
  • “In practice” offers model polices ( Drafting privacy policies,. Managing Data Risk in M&A,. Managing a Data Breach and drafting commentaries.)
Upcoming Enactments Chart

 Access to the product. All Bloomberg Law
subscribers will get access to the Privacy and Data Security  product at no additional cost. The product
can also be purchased separately from BloombergBNA.