Today Bloomberg announced the launch of a new analytics
product that transforms data on more than 3 .5 million companies, 7,000 law
firms and all active federal judges into actionable insights. The product is positioned as strategic planning tool for litigators by analyzing   past patterns of judges behavior such as motion grants/denials and time to trial.


  • Motion Outcomes and

and Data Security are two  of the hottest
topics impacting both law firms and their clients.
BloombergBNA,  like their competitors continues to scan the
landscape for new opportunities to help  lawyers 
tackle emerging areas of law while working smarter. BloombergBNA has
been publishing  several newsletters on
these topics  (The Privacy &
Security Law

Bloomberg is on an innovation roll. It was only two weeks
ago that BloombergBNA announced the

release of their new Banking Law platform. Today
they  announced the  release of Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise
which  is now available to all Bloomberg
Law subscribers in the Bankruptcy Practice Center.  David
Perla, President of Bloomberg Legal  stated in

Today, Bloomberg Law is announcing the release of a new suite of  tools for lawyers which are focused on the unrelenting demand for lawyers to improve their knowledge of their clients and their clients industries.  Several months ago newly appointed CEO Greg McCaffery indicated that he anticipated that BLaw would be expanding their offerings to