2015 was a year of innovation and acquisition in legal publishing. Watson continues to intrigue law firms and legal publishers. New platforms, new alignments, new identities, , new environments and new tools for powerful insights dominated the legal market.

Thanks to all my readers for your valuable insights and feedback. 

The Top Dewey B Strategic Posts of 2015: 

Has the Librarian-ship Sailed? The American Association of Law Libraries Board Votes to Rebrand As the Association for Legal Information

 LexMachina Launches Custom Insights: Data Mining for the Impatient Lawyer

IBMWatson – Not the Robot Apocalypse! 

Fastcase and Loislaw: Reading the Tealeaves– Realignments in Legal Research Market Ahead?

 Welcome to the Loungebrary: 2015 ALM Library Survey. Transformations Abound.

WoltersKluwer Launches “Cheetah” Research Platform: Usability,Workflow and Context Drive New Design

 Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals Group Publishes Resource Guides For Strategic Planning, Intranets and Legal Research on the Internet

 Dear Watson:: I have a question for You. Watson and Legal Research… But Can it Ask Questions?

10KWizard Bites the Dust. Morningstar Directs Customers to Intelligize. Will Intelligize Enter the Workflow Race?

Proview Professional: Thomson Reuters Releases eBooks And Promises to Break the Book Paradigm

BloombergBNA Levels the Corporate Deal Landscape with Launch of Corporate Drafting Platform Leveraging Analytics and Enhancing Workflow.

Ravel Law Launches Judges Analytics: Precedential Behaviour Analysis Made Easy.

New ALM Law Firm Staffing Report: Outsourcing Out, Library Staff In, Partners Answering Own Phones?
“3 Geeks” Founder Greg Lambert Enters the C Suite At Amlaw 200 Firm Jackson Walker: An Interview With a Geek 

The 2014-15 Start Stop Survey Results: The Products. Out with the Old. In With theInnovative: Lex Machina Best New Product. Fastcase/HeinOnline Best Innovation

ThomsonReuters Intelligence Center: Map Out Your Opportunity and Business Development Strategy

BloombergBNA Releases Open Access “Big Law Business” Platform Targeting Law Firm Partners and In-House Counsel 

LexisNexis to Launch NewsDesk Aggregation Platform: Cool Tools, Deep Content, Rich Analytics

New York Law Institute Goes National: Offers “Just In Time” Research, Desktop Access to 75,000 eBooks to Member Law Firms Across the US and a Free Trial!!

AALL Releases “The Economic Value of Law Libraries” Report– Long on Rubrics– Short on ROI

Wishing everyone a wonderful 2016. Happy New Year!