The Poll: Please take the brief (11 question)  2015-2016 Start Stop Poll here.

For the last two years  one  of the most popular Dewey B Strategic blogposts has been the summary of results contributed by you, the readers of this blog.

Here are links to the  2013 and 2014 results.
We are living in a whirlwind of change. We routinely assess new products, new processes, new roles,  new organizational options, new expectations.  Let’s help each other decide what’s worth doing. Let’s leap boldly into the future together. Share your insights. What were your victories, false starts or  plain old bad choices. Share your hot tips,  short cuts,  projects and best practices.

Are you launching an AI project? Did you outsource? Centralize? Switch to a single online provider? Stop distributing deskbooks? Start offering eBooks? Participate in a Lean Six Sigma team? Launch a content curation project? Develop an app?

Make Room For Value. The speed with which old processes and assumptions become obsolete is accelerating. We can only deliver more value by eliminating or streamlining the routine, the redundant and the unexamined. 

Invest in the Future. Since law firm budgets remain flat, the best  way find the budget for innovative new products, is to reduce or eliminate redundant  products  and products which offer a low ROI.

The Wisdom of Colleagues. In the spirit of collecting the wisdom of colleagues I am once again asking readers to share  insights on the processes and products they  started or stopped in 2015 and  what they plan to start or stop in 2016. What products did you  stop using? What new ones will you adopt in 2016?

Anonymity Results will be aggregated and there will be no attribution to any individual person or organization without the written consent of the respondent.

The Poll: Please take the brief (11 question) survey here.
The Survey will remain open until January 18th and I will report on the results. 

Thanks in advance to all participants.