Today Ravel Law announced the addition  of new features and extended judges analytics to cover opinions of appellate judges in 5 states.  I described Ravel’s core functionality in an earlier post Ravel Law: Legal Research Radically Reimagined. I also wrote a post when  Ravel  launched its  Judicial Analytics  product in April
2015. The initial launch offered analytics for federal judges.

Fierce competition marks all aspects of the legal market. Ravel provides an innovative caselaw research platform powered by natural language professing, machine learning and data science which could provide a  competitive edge in litigation. Ravel’s Judges Analytics product provides attorneys with custom analysis  and incites into how individual judges rule on specific issues. It also helps lawyers to  identify the specific language which judges find persuasive when ruling on an issue.

New Features and Content Include:

  • Judges Analytics added for New York, California, Delaware, Illinois and Florida
  • More granular analysis of a judges rulings on specific issues
  • Redesigned interface
  • New “Drag and Drop” functionality for sharing results
  • Improved speed
The New Ravel Judges Analytics Interface

What’s Next?
I asked Ravel’s President Daniel Lewis what additional content is in the pipeline.  Currently Ravel’s state law coverage includes state appellate opinions dating back to 1950.  Several months ago Ravel announced a collaboration with Harvard Law School to scan the entire archive of caselaw in the Harvard Law Library. Earlier this year Ravel competed the load of California cases from the Harvard collection. The California caselaw archive now extends back to 1850. Lewis indicated that the New York archive is currently being scanned and is scheduled for release in March. The Massachusetts archive is the next in line for release.