Several publisher’s responded to Tuesday’s
“Brexit” post  by providing me with information and links to their specialized Brexit resources which I share below.  Let me first say that I never meant to imply
that the major legal publishers were ignoring Brexit. Of course they are not –
in Tuesday’s post I  was simply speculating  on the expected emergence
of  hyper-specitalized publications completely devoted to Brexit issues.

I am not
disappointed – not only did I learn about a publication which may be the first Brexit legal
newsletter- but I have received valuable insights into how various publishers
are supporting lawyers need for insights and expertise regarding the vast range
of issues potentially impacted by Britain’s departure from the EU.


Brexit Market Insight Service

It appears that MLex
which was recently purchased by LexisNexis is  the first legal publisher to offer a newsletter devoted to all things Brexit.  The “Brexit Market Insight Service.”  which focuses on regulatory riskis part of the fee based MLex service. However “Brexit Market Insight” is currently available for free and will remain free through the end of July.

Thomson Reuters


Reuters Practical Law team has published a special report on Brexit : UKVotes out Après Nous L Deluge.  The Thomson Reuters News Team has published EverythingYou Need To Know About Brexit.


have seen a number of Brexit stories on BloombergBNA’s free daily “Big LawBusiness.”  No surprise, the editors and
writers of their many specialized regulatory publications are examining Brexit issues
impacting tax, labor, manufacturing, trade and environment. Brexit related materials
can easily be located entering the word “ Brexit” into the search box at though BNA’s publications require a subscription some Brexit stories can read outside the paywall. Click here to see some of BNA’s Brexit stories


Curated Brexit News


but not least, today Manzama which bills itself as a listening platform  announced  the availability of preformatted “suite of Brexit queries” for subscribers to want to easily “listen
for” Brexit news. While Manzama is not technically a legal publisher, they are an increasingly important player in the legal market by allowing information specialists to develop targeted alerts focused on legal and business issues which are delivered to lawyers as a custom newsletter.