In the past year MLex has launched two “hot topic”
newsletters: Brexit Market Insight and White House Watch which are positioned
at the vortex of regulatory uncertainty and designed to helplawyers and corporate leaders mitigate regulatory risk. I interviewed    MLex’s
founder and CEO Robert McLeod and reported on the evolution of the MLex service
and its unique approach covering the global landscape of regulatory risk in an earlier post.
 The UK’s referendum
to exit from the European Union and the election of Donald Trump were both surprising
election outcomes that have roiled the normally somnolent world of regulatory reporting.
Brexit Market Insight
Four months before the majority of British voters approved a
referendum to exit from the EU, Robert McLeod, began planning a newsletter
devoted to “Brexit.” Brexit is shorthand
for British Exit. In a recent interview McLeod recalled that on February 22, 2016
the Sunday Telegraph reported that Boris
Johnson, the former Mayor of London, journalist, provocateur had announced his
support for Brexit. For the first time McLeod considered the possibility that
the Brexit referendum could succeed. McLeod telephoned his co-Founder and
Managing Editor, Duncan Lumsden to begin discussing the launch of a new product
focused on the ramifications of Britain’s possible departure from the European
Union.   The Brexit
referendum would be just the first step in a long and uncertain process extending
over several years. The UK will have to formally invoke “Article 50 of the Lisbon
Treaty” which will give Britain and the EU two years to agree to the terms of
the split. Company executives are facing a prolonged period of uncertainty.
McLeod recognized that business executives and lawyers would
be desperate of insights and guidance on a host of issues:  What would Brexit mean for their customers
suppliers, competitors and for individual companies as they plan for the new regulatory
environment? They began recruiting writers with special expertise in
identifying the regulatory implications of Brexit for their bureaus in London,
Paris, Berlin and Brussels. On June 23, 2016
Britons voted in favor of leaving the EUThe Brexit product which launched in mid- 2016 is updated three or four times a
day. The digital newsletter has been profiling the key Brexit players.  McLeod recognized that business leaders need
to understand who will be influencing and negotiating the new regulatory
framework. What are their political beliefs? What are their economic beliefs?
Where did they go to school? What speeches they have given? What positions they
have taken?  According to McLeod there
are 900 separate regulations that could possibly be renegotiated …everything from
fisheries to footwear could be impacted. To date, Brexit Market Insights has been the fastest growing publication in the MLex

White House Watch
Free Until May
The day after Donald Trump won the US Presidency, McLeod
began pulling resources from around MLex  to help him launch a news service to cover the
regulatory upheaval promised by Donald Trump during his campaign.  McLeod is still recruiting journalists with
specialized White House experience. Following the Brexit formula, they plan to
focus of regulatory issues of interest to corporate leaders including, trade,
tax, labor, environment and energy.  McLeod observed that President Trump has up-ended
the traditional role of lobbyists and industry associations by engaging
directly with company CEOs. MLex editors plans to profile all political
appointees in order to better anticipate their regulatory agenda. They had
already created profiles of judges on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee list.
White House News Without the Politics. McLeod hopes to offer
pure legal analysis without a political point of view. If he can pull that off –
he will deserve a Pulitzer Prize – and perhaps a new category of Prize!
MLex has eyes and ears around the globe –with news bureaus in
20 major cities.  The White House Watch will continue to respond to the global interest in
following the regulatory and legislative impact of the Trump administration.
McLeod personally reads the coverage of the Trump administration in 5 major international
newspapers and recognized that it is a challenge to sort out the truth. He
believes that MLex could lead the market in offering White House news
unblemished by hyperbole and partisan rhetoric.
 The White House Watch will be free until May. The newsletter can be filtered by regulatory issue in order to easily locate topics of interest. Lawyers can
feel free to distribute stories to their clients.REMINDER: Start/Stop Poll Closes Friday February 17th. Take the survey here.