In the past year MLex has launched two “hot topic”
newsletters: Brexit Market Insight and White House Watch which are positioned
at the vortex of regulatory uncertainty and designed to helplawyers and corporate leaders mitigate regulatory risk. I interviewed    MLex’s
founder and CEO Robert McLeod and reported on the evolution of the MLex service

In July 2015 LexisNexis acquired MLex, a newsletter service specializing in international
legal analysis of regulatory risk. In recent years MLex has cracked the US market as a “must read” for antitrust lawyers. MLex editors employ an
investigative approach combined with in-depth forensic examination of issues by reporters, lawyers and industry experts located in 15

Yesterday LexisNexis announced their intent to acquire Intelligize — one of those start up gems that came late to the SEC research party and became the “belle of the ball.”  Well really, it was  completely different kind of SEC research product that  not only provided deep faceted searching of documents, but introduced powerful algorithms which produce unique insights into

London based Incisive Media  announced in a press release this morning that they had sold their  legal market news publication Legal Week to  American legal news pioneer American Lawyer Media. Ironically ALM was briefly owned by Incisive Media from 2007 to 2009.

As the legal market globalizes it makes complete sense for law firm leaders

Today LexisNexis announced  its agreement to acquire MLex, a provider of international legal analysis and commentary on regulatory risk. MLex which started in Europe has become a an important resource for antitrust lawyers in the US.
The press release describes MLex as “an innovative media organization that has a track record of uncovering regulatory risk before