Yesterday’s post highlighted seven vendors which will be first time exhibitors at AALL in Austin next month.

Those vendors offer tools which are primarily targeted at litigation, corporate and Intellectual Property practices. Today’s five vendors are more diverse. Several offer a wide range of services which fall broadly within “workflow improvement.” Voxgov is the only vendor in today’s group which focuses purely on providing a unique set of content on a research platform. I asked Voxgov founder Robert Dessau why he had decided to exhibit at AALL this year. ” With expertise in the collection and management of a broad range of original source material from Federal and State governments we view AALL as the ideal environment in which to introduce our newest addition, VoxGov Energy, designed specifically for the legal market.We look forward to assisting, collaborating with and incentivizing those who need visibility into who in government is saying what on any Energy related issue at any time. Visitors to our booth will have the chance to win a free one year subscription to Voxgov Energy. Look forward to meeting you Austin.”

VoxGov BOOTH # 330
Beyond the obvious Statutes at large and CFR, VoxGov scrapes over 9,000 US government URL’s, including social media and has created a massive database which can be searched and analyzed for trends by agency, issue, political party.The government information that lawyers normally rely upon such as statutes and regulations only represents about 10% of the VoxGov database. The vast majority of government materials in VoxGov are collected from over 14,000 government websites. The document types include: Press Releases, News, Notices, Columns, Articles, Op-Eds, Decisions, Opinions, Orders, Events, Media Advisories, Fact Sheets, Newsletters, Bulletins, Recalls, Alerts, Reports, Publications, Speeches, Statements, Remarks, Testimony, and Transcripts, along with Social Media from official government sources, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and more. VoxGov only collects information authored or adopted by the U.S. Federal Government and published on official government websites .All of the data is enriched with extensive metadata which supports sophisticated filtering and trending.

Their website states that Casebriefs offers “The Most widely used supplements for higher education and newly minted professionals.”

Although they offer resources for a wide range of professionals there is plenty of content for law students including, Casebriefs, outlines, exam prep and video lectures.

InfoTrack Booth814
InfoTrack offers a wide range of services including interactive forms for electronic filing of government forms, an electronic signature tool called “SignIT,” court document retrieval and corporate services including, corporate formation and entity searching. They also have a data visualization tool called “REVEAL” which charts entity relationships.

PowerNote Booth 229

Powernotes has an intriguing tagline “Organize your internet.”

They promote their product as “the only tool designed for the academic research process.” But after looking at the website- I think this product has a broader audience including the law firm. government and judicial markets. The product offer highlighting, categorizing and note-taking on any website. The product organizes research into an outline form. The product also saves the URL links for all the sources in the outline. Frankly sounds like a great tool for any researcher no matter what their environment.

Sabinet BOOTH # 823
Sabinet offers a wide range of innovative library services including collaborative cataloguing, inter library lending and end-to-end library management systems. They also offer support for digitization and information management projects, news monitoring, access to journals.