Lex Machina is launching the third new module in the past twelve months, following the release of Securities and Commercial Law products.The new employment litigation module includes over 70,000 discrimination, retaliation, and harassment cases pending in federal court since 2009.  According to Lex Machina Chief Evangelist, Owen Byrd they plan to add Americans with Disabilities Act and labor union cases in the fall.

Employment Law analytics includes the standard Lex Machina data and trend analysis for case timing, resolutions, damages, remedies, and findings, as well as insights into opposing counsel, law firms, parties, judges, venues which can be used for pitches and litigation strategy.

Lex Machina Employment Judgement Events


New content added to Legal Analytics  includes three million docket entries and 36 employment-specific tags for damages, findings and remedies, including:
·       Damages – Back pay/lost wages, emotional distress, front pay, liquidated damages, and punitive damages.
·       Findings – Findings under discrimination statues such as Title VII (race/color, religion, national origin, sex/gender), ADEA (age), PDA (pregnancy), §1981/§1983 (equal rights/civil rights violations), USERRA (members of the military), the Equal Pay Act and the Rehabilitation Act. Other findings include: hostile work environment/harassment, retaliation, failure to mitigate defense, time barred defense, failure to accommodate, legitimate nondiscriminatory/non-retaliatory reason defense, and failure to exhaust administrative remedies defense.
·       Remedies – Notice posting, promotion, and reinstatement.
The press release provides some high level insights derived from Lex Machina’s analysis of initial employment litigation findings uncovered by Lex Machina, based on cases filed between January 1, 2009 through June 30, 2017:
  • Discrimination lawsuits are by far the most common (87% of cases), followed by retaliation (66%) and harassment (35%).
  • Employment cases often involve overlapping kinds of claims – discrimination and retaliation claims are combined more than half the time (54%), and the other two combinations occur in about a third of cases.
  • Cases with all three tags comprise just under a quarter of the cases (24%).Top governmental defendants include municipal organizations like the City of New York and the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, as well as federal organizations like the U.S. Post Office and Department of Defense.
  • Top corporations by employment cases include companies with a nationwide presence like Wal-mart, Home Depot, Target, United Parcel Service, Bank of America, and United Airlines.
Legal Analytics for Employment Law Webcast
For more information about Lex Machina’s newest practice area, please follow this link for Lex Machina’s employment litigation launch webcast, scheduled for July 13 at 9:00 PDT/12:00 EDT. The webcast will be moderated by David Lat, founder and managing editor of Above The Law. Joining him will be David Walton, Shareholder at Cozen O’Conner; Patrick DiDomenico, Chief Knowledge officer from Ogletree, Deakins, and Owen Byrd, Chief Evangelist, and General Counsel at Lex Machina.