Here are the results of the 2017 Start/Stop Survey questions related to processes and projects which are being cancelled or launched.

Print Decline Continues

The decline of print in law libraries continued to dominate the workflow changes in law libraries. Libraries are shrinking. Workflow is changing to focus on digital resources and KM support. Almost all the processes and projects being terminated by respondents related to print resource maintenance or management.

New Initiatives 2017/2018

The top 2017 and 2018 initiatives were focused on AI and competitive intelligence alert enhancement.Artificial Intelligence was the top technology mentioned by respondents. AI is being examined as a feature of commercial products from the major vendors (Lexis, Thomson Reuters, Wolters Kluwer, Bloomberg Law) as well as start ups, Fastcase,CARA, Ross. It is also being examined as a technology for internal Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Projects. Enhancing Competitive intelligence workflow and resources ranked second in the new projects undertaken  by respondents.

Specific initiatives include:

  • Monitoring and testing AI solutions
  • Develop chatbots for contract lifecycle management
  • Develop an AI enabled brief bank
  • Investigating resources and projects related to blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency and government deregulation
  • Manzama news alerts
  • Launch an “Analytics for Litigators” Bootcamp
  • Quest management research workflow
  • Automated password management.
  • Improving curated alert management and evaluating new alert management products such as manzama
  • Centralizing technical service workflow
  • Legacy contract migration and analysis
  • Making all administrative workflow paperless
  • Launching web based OPAC and circulation system
  • Streamlining workflow
  • Expanded marketing to drive product adoption
  • Create a new vendor database 
  • Leveraging Strategic Intelligence Resources
  • Launch marketing program of weekly resource awards to generate greater interest and use.
  •  Identifying, organizing and improving the “find-ability” knowledge management resources with AI


Thanks to all of this years respondents.