Wolters Kluwer’s Legal & Regulatory Vice President of Legal Market & Innovation, Dean Sonderegger has sent a letter to customers announcing that end of the IntelliConnect platform. In 2015 Wolters Kluwer launched the Cheetah platform which was completely re-engineered research platform which offered the same content as IntelliConnect in a more intuitive and user friendly platform. Although IntelliConnect has its fans, it will not be missed by most research professionals who found the system confusing and difficult to navigate. I applaud Wolters Kluwer’s  strategic decision to sun set the product. This allows WK to continue investing in innovative new products and frees research professionals to focus on training and supporting only one Wolters Kluwer research system. Over the past few years Wolters Kluwer has been offering a steady stream of new research and workflow products which were  developed in house and  through collaborations with other innovative companies such as KM Standards, ktMINE, Propylon and Arbitrator Intelligence.

In recent weeks Wolters Kluwer announced the introduction of near real time alerts from the Federal Regulatory Knowledge Centers. The Knowledge center offers analytics which predict the probability that  specific  legislative and regulatory proposals moving through the legislative enactment or regulatory adoption process and becoming law.

Ten years ago no one would have associated  Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory  with the word “innovation.”   Today Wolters Kluwer not only has a track record on innovation and the adoption of AI and analytics technologies, but it maintains a consistent presence in the Legal Tech world.  I mark Wolters Kluwer transformation from being  a somewhat rigid and tradition bound organization as starting with the appointment of Robert Lemmond as President and CEO in 2013 – a mere 5 years ago. Lemmond announced a “customer first” strategy and  established the first Wolters Kluwer customer advisory  council.  The positive transformation has  continued and accelerated though the tenures of President and CEO  Greg Samios,and VP  Dean Sonderegger. In keeping with this customer focused and “innovation-centric” philosophy Wolters Kluwer will be offering two showcases at the AALL conference in Baltimore July  15th and 16th. The programs will focus on “Monetizing Your Firm’s DMS” and the transformation of law libraries.  Here on the details on the upcoming programs: