On Thursday Tom Goldstein co-founder and publisher of  SCOTUSblog announced  a partnership with Casetext. “to help our readers access the court opinions, statutes and other primary legal content we cite in SCOTUSblog posts.” SCOTUSblog  is one of the oldest and most highly respected legal blogs. It provides a “one stop shop” for dockets, opinions, videos and nuanced, expert commentary on the U.S. Supreme Court.  Casetext has been a pioneer in providing free public access to caselaw while creating AI driven commercial products such as CARA which analyses briefs for missing precedent.

Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and  Chief Product Officer  at Casetext described the new alliance as supporting public access to high value legal content: “We are excited to partner with SCOTUSblog, and to launch a program that will let legal bloggers all over the country link to beautiful, free, case law.  Creating a free resource for people to read and understand the law has been one of Casetext’s primary objectives from day one.”

Read the full announcement here.