Each year AALL welcomes new exhibitors seeking to reach the decision-makers in law libraries and information centers.  The current powerful generation  of tools in the legal  market often offer multiple features so the products are sometimes not easy to categorize. I have taken the liberty of characterizing each new exhibitor by a single label –although you will see in some cases the products offer features that fall into two categories.  You will have to get the full picture of each product yourself by visiting the exhibit hall at AALL’s Annual  Meeting and Conference in Washington DC July 13-16th.

Here are the new vendors you can meet with in DC.


Blue J Legal offers fact specific analytics and predictions. Current modules include Canadian and US tax predictive analytics, employment and human resources. In a nutshell: the product uses Analytics, AI machine learning to predict outcomes and provides a confidence score. According to the website – the product will “continue to learn.”

Gavelytics  started out offering  trial court analytics across California. The product which describes itself as buit by lawyers for lawyers offers analytics about judges workload, peremptory challenges, and a unique feature called a gavel-score. They also offer judges profiles. Over the past year they have expanded into several new states across the US.

Loom Analytics is a Canadian data analytics company that builds SaaS platforms for law firms and corporate legal departments.  Its products include the award winning Court Analytics platform, that provides quantitative outcomes for Canadian courts, and Structura, a data analytics platform for our clients to assess risk and anticipate outcomes for their own matters based on historical trends.

Current  Awareness, Compliance and Insights

Reorg Research  

Reorg Research is already known to many  law firm librarians for providing daily bankruptcy docket alerts. Next week they will be debuting a new “attorneys fees” feature. Reorg’s new Attorneys’ Fees Database uses machine learning to extract billing rates from final fee applications from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, and then creates visualizations of those rates. Reorg subscribers will be able to quickly and easily search this database and filter by firm, jurisdiction, practice area and role to benchmark themselves against their peers and prepare for client pitches.

Golden Arrow Alerts  Spoiler Alert – Golden Arrow is the only only product I know of which was designed and launched by an AALL Member. Martin Korn will be attending this year’s AALL as both a member and an exhibitor.

No surprise — Martin’s law firm experience inspired him to design a product which offers to improve  a law firm’s  bottom line.  The product provides a daily list of  new complaints filed against a wide array of businesses on regulatory issues. In addition to daily alerts, Golden Arrow also offers an added data file for those innovative subscribers who use that data to track and manage the filings and dockets of the agencies in which they practice.  The data files also allow subscribers the chance to automate their business development process by matching party names with client lists.

State and Federal Compliance The iComply product helps law firms, lobbyists and corporations comply  with and report on  lobbying, procurement and political contribution laws.

Information Management

Soutron Global offers Library, archive, digital asset management and a skills database.

NMS Imaging “has a “best of breed” philosophy towards solution partners.  Our in-house engineers and technical staff are experts in all our offerings.  Below are the companies whose products make up our tailored solutions. ”

Legal Education

Themis Bar If only there was something like this in 1986 when I was studying for the NYS bar. Back then bar prep involved sitting in an overcrowded amphitheater getting hand cramp from speed-writing legal Mnemonics in a live nightly bar review lecture. “Themis’s online learning platform provides you with the resources you need to study effectively, ensuring you complete as much coursework as possible. We offer insightful Performance Analytics so you can gauge how you stack up to other students by question, subject matter, and overall performance.”

Hope to see you next week in the Exhibit Hall.