Four products shared the top 3 places in this tears Dewey B Strategic Hits and Misses survey results. Back in January readers were asked to identify the products they either purchased for the first time in 2019 or planned to purchase in 2020. Although budgets may have been cut since the survey was taken the products identified by readers are likely to be top of mind as law firm budgets recover. Law firms can not afford to ignore new products which drive efficiency and unique insights. The survey winners are:
1. Blue J Legal Tax Foresight   topped the list of new products that firms hoped to purchase in 2020.
2. Westlaw Edge and Casetext Compose tied for second. place.
3.  Lexis Search Advantage  took third place.
Blue J Legal Tax Foresight is the first product I have seen which uses AI and analytics to predict outcomes on tax controversies based on a variety of factors. I wrote about Blue J Legal back in October 2019. Here is a link to that post.
 Casetext Compose was announced at legal tech in New York. It uses AI and linguistic analysis to help Lawyers  draft  responsive motions. Here is my post about the launch.

Westlaw Edge is Thomson Reuters new platform which is loaded with new functionality AI enabled research, brief analysis, analytics, AI enabled citation tools and jurisdictional comparison tools. Thomson Reuters has continued to add functionality since it was launched in July 2018. Here is the original post I wrote about Westlaw Edge.

Lexis Search Advantage  took third place. LSA is a sophisticated  knowledge management tool which leverages the over 300 algorithms developed by Intelligize (now owned by LexisNexis). The LSA algorithms sit on a server within the law firm firewall and crawl the law firm DMS to identify documents, extract key meta-data. and tag defined terms with the the documents.

Pervasive AI, Analytics and Workflow.  In the past it has been a fairly simple task to define products as falling into  product types along a functionality spectrum. As I reviewed the products noted by readers I repeatedly found that products included multiple attributes. AI and workflow. Analytics and AI.  Analytics and workflow….Many patent products were highlighted by readers  and all of them offered some form of  AI, analytics and/or workflow. Nonetheless to provide some structure I have attempted to group the products, but in truth many products could be in multiple categories.
I trust that the list of products  below will provide an interesting browse for knowledge managers and librarians who need to stay on top of the legal technology marketplace. Here are the products highlighted by your colleagues.
Drafting and workflow efficiency products  Casetext  Compose and Lexis Search Advantage  fit squarely in this catagory. Other productsreaders are considering purchasing are:  Bloomberg Law Brief Analyzer,  Litera  TransactionalCourtroom Insight, and Castext Cara , Covenant review,  PacerPro.
Analytics products noted for purchase  Gavelytics, Doclet Alarrm,  Lex Machina and Trellis.
Patent products which readers may purchase are   Darts IP, Derwent,  PatdocsQuestel , Orbit Bio Sequence, Clarivate.
Research related products include Data Guidance a global regulatory product for privacy compliance.
Bloomberg Law Health Practice Center, a suite of practice tools for health lawyers, Voxgov which monitors And aggregates every release from any federal agency website. From Counsel a UK corporate law resource, Sparkspread  Energy industry guidance.