Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company, has announced the addition of almost 800,000 civil cases to ts federal district court coverage. According to the press release  this “gives users access to all commercially relevant federal civil cases in one place.”  Lex Machina had  previously grown its market share, segment by segment starting with the launch of the first Patent analytics module in 2010. There are now 16 practice modules covering  2 million cases. This is the first time they have made a  “non-topical” expansion of the database. All of the modules offer analytics about judges, law firms, attorneys, parties and districts as well as specialized analytics  for specific issues. 

 “With the addition of nearly 800,000 cases, Lex Machina is taking a major step forward in our mission to bring Legal Analytics to all areas of the law,” said Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina, “This is the most cases we’ve ever added to our system at one time, giving users new capabilities and insights into the entire court system.”  The new tranche of  nearly 800,000  offers new insights into a broader range of issues. The proprietary Lex Machina systems, including its Attorney Data Engine and Motion Metrics, analyse  all  the cases in the Lex Machina platform and  drive the additional insights with the expanded coverage. Enhanced capabilities include:  

  • Search for any case and view its up-to-date activity
  • Keyword search across comprehensive coverage — all dockets and downloaded documents
  • View motion grant/denial rates for a judge’s full docket
  • Analyze the complete list of cases for any judge, law firm, attorney or party ○ Find out how busy a court is and with what types of matter
  • Compare timing between courts or judges ○ See the complete client list for a law firm.
  • Review a party’s civil federal court history since 2009  

The Benefits  Law firms can gain access to the expanded dataset with Lex Machina’s new Enterprise Package, a comprehensive option with increased coverage and new functionality. Benefits of the Enterprise Package include:

● Support any number of Lex Machina users in the organization

● Get access to unlimited functionality for all federal and state modules with no roadblocks or paywalls

● Access to new venues and case sets as soon as they are available This expanded coverage allows users to look both broadly at trends encompassing the full civil court docket and at practice-area specific insights.

“Today’s expansion is not only an important milestone in the journey of Lex Machina since acquisition, but a key component in LexisNexis’ overall portfolio of analytics that empower lawyers to craft successful strategies and make data-driven decisions,” said said Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO, LexisNexis North America.

Today’s Webcast  For more information about Lex Machina’s new Enterprise Package, please register here for the webcast, Lex Machina’s new Enterprise Package: All Federal Cases – All Available Practice Areas – All in One Place, on

July 30, at 9:00 am PDT. Join Wade Malone, Co-Head of Product at Lex Machina, Greg Lambert, Chief Knowledge Services Officer at Jackson Walker, and Jean O’Grady, Sr. Director of Research & Knowledge at DLA Piper, who will discuss the benefits of deploying Legal Analytics across different practice areas in your organization. The webcast will be moderated by Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina.