Lex Machina, a LexisNexis company,  released  a new legal analytics tool “State Motion Metrics”. State Motion Metrics provides insights which can be used to develop a motion strategy or identify the best arguments in state motion practice. State Motion Metrics is available for four Delaware state courts, including the Delaware Court of Chancery. Motion metrics are also available for the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Lex Machina plans to roll out State Motion Metrics in more courts later this year.

“Our analytics allow users to understand motion strategy, including judges’ past behavior with dynamic grant/denial rates, as well as the cases and documents to back up that research,” said Karl Harris, CEO of Lex Machina. “Lex Machina is the best analytics tool to understand the complete picture for case strategy, including motion strategy, because of the work we do to clean, organize, and enhance our data.”

State Motion Metrics allows users to:

  • Explore 37 motion types in depth
  • View grant rates and outcomes (granted, denied, partially granted/denied, and moot/withdrawn)
  • Compare a judge’s grant rate with the court’s grant rate for a particular motion
  • Examine timing trends for each motion type
  • Facet by judge, court, motion type, outcome, and more
  • Search and review relevant orders behind the statistics

Since its launch, Lex Machina has used both AI and human intelligence to  clean, organize, and enhance their analytics. The state motion metrics process includes  collecting important documents for all of its state courts. Lex Machina and its users have access to the ruling itself. The Lex Machina team uses a cutting-edge deep learning model to create the new State Motion Metrics, and Lex Machina’s attorneys apply and test the model for accuracy and completeness. This means that when users filter by a judge, Lex Machina has connected that judge to the orders on their docket and used the orders themselves in order to determine the outcome of the ruling.

Unique features of Lex Machina’s state court analytics include:

  • Comprehensive statistics for judges, counsel, and parties
  • Case rulings and case resolutions
  • Damages awarded at trial
  • Pre-downloaded documents and the ability to retrieve non-downloaded documents

State court expansion remains a top priority at Lex Machina. The company is adding modules on a court-by-court basis, with an emphasis on strict data quality and integrity. Lex Machina currently offers Legal Analytics for 27 state courts, which encompasses over 3.3 million individual cases. We are proud of this key achievement in our state court journey.

State Motion Metrics Webcast

Lex Machina is hosting a webcast to showcase the new features on July 28, 2022 at noon ET/9am PT with Carla Rydholm (Senior Director of Product Management), Chuan Qin (Product Manager), and Sherrill Dresnin (Customer Success Manager). To register for the event or view a recording, go here: https://pages.lexmachina.com/2022-Motion-Metrics-Webcast_LP.html