Today Casetext is announcing the release of the new Compose motion drafting collection for Products Liability: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device. According to the press release last year they were 10,000 mass torts in Philadelphia alone one of the hotspots for products liability litigation.. This release will bring the total number of motions available on Compose to 60.
This is the second topical collection announced since Compose launched in February 2020. In September they launched  a collection for employment law motions. In an earlier post I described how Compose offers to make lawyers more efficient by automating the first draft of a motion or brief. They also released a study reporting the Compose can reduce the drafting time by 75%.
“We are very excited to announce products liability as our next area of focus for compose said case text CEOJake Heller. “Finding cost-effective ways to provide high-quality representation as a top priority for many of our customers firms. We are confident that compose can help by enabling them to efficiently address a high-volume products liability cases while at the same time ensuring they never miss an argument in a high stakes case.”
The new collection covers 20 motions all tailored specifically to legal issues arising in pharmaceutical and medical device products liability litigation::
  • California New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania state motion
  • Motion to compel discovery
  • Motion to exclude expert testimony
  • Motion for summary judgment
Federal court:
  • Notice of removal to federal court
  • Notice of Romain to state court
  • Motion to compel discovery
  • Motion to exclude expert testimony
  • Motions for summary judgment applying California New York New Jersey and Pennsylvania substantive law
The following motions are immediately available to compose clients
  • California motion to exclude expert testimony
  • New Jersey motion for summary judgment
  • Pennsylvania motion for summary judgment
  • Federal notice of removal to federal court
  • Federal motion to reman to state court
 The remaining motions in the collection will be rolled out in early 2021. Casetext is also offering one month of free access to a limited number of firms that request access before the end of 2020. Firms can apply for access at insert link: