Did anyone imagine that eight months into the pandemic we would still be needing new ways to capture, monitor analyze the ever morphing legal issues around COVID? Today Fastcase is launching COVID-19 Case Alerts, an editorially curated email alert service to keep subscribers aware of new civil opinions, selected pleadings, breaking news, and analyses of legal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a dangerous and fast-changing pandemic, and it’s more important than ever for firms to be ahead of the curve when advising clients. There is no excuse for missing key developments, especially now,” said Ed Walters, Fastcase CEO. “Our team will be curating these COVID-19 Case Alerts and providing them for free to attorneys using Fastcase through their bar association.”

Each business day, excluding holidays, Fastcase will deliver a snapshot of the day’s legal developments on COVID-19. This includes decided cases from Fastcase, new complaints and pleadings from Docket Alarm, new blog posts from the LexBlog network, and legal news from Law Street Media, consolidated into a single, daily alert.

Here are some examples of the COVID-19 Alert Coverage:

  • Labor and Employment Law: Employers and employees are facing a number of new legal issues as a result of the pandemic. Essential workers are at risk on the frontlines. Businesses and schools are grappling with the establishment of safe practices and protections for safely reopening in light of COVID-19 and federal labor and employment laws.
  • Business Law: Business owners are facing new pressures and compliance issues as a result of COVID-19-related laws, such the Paycheck Protection Program and the C.A.R.E.S. Act.
  • Consumer Law: The impacts of COVID-19 on consumers are profound and ever evolving as the government, businesses, and schools impose restrictions and adopt new operational requirements.  Courts have seen a rise in litigation over price gouging and privacy.
  • Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death: The flood of COVID-19 patients in the healthcare system has resulted in a rise in medical malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death claims.
  • Legal Ethics: Following opinions related to legal ethics and lawyers withdrawing representation from clients or before courts because of covid concerns.
  • Other COVID-19-related Litigation: Generally keeping a pulse on hot areas (i.e. worker class action lawsuits, cybersecurity, bankruptcy, corporate insurance) to help keep subscribers aware of new & quickly evolving precedents.
Alerts are organized by topic, including Business Law, Consumer Rights, Labor and Employment, Insurance, Legislative Relief, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death. Each case includes a brief excerpt and a public link to the opinion in the Fastcase library that users can easily view and share with others with one click. Alerts are public, so recipients do not need a Fastcase subscription to view, making them a great client development resource.

Free To Bar Associations The COVID-19 Case Alert will be provided as a free benefit to all members of Fastcase bar association partners. Everyone that accesses Fastcase through their bar association can subscribe to the COVID-19 Case Alerts by logging in to Fastcase and clicking on Apps & Tools then clicking the link to the free subscription sign-up page.

Subscriptions are also available for individual purchase at $29/month, or $295/year. Click here to subscribe monthly, or here for an annual subscription. To discuss enterprise pricing, contact sales@fastcase.com or 202-999-4777.