I have ranked the most popular 15  Dewey S Strategic posts of 2020.It is no surprise to me that posts about the release of specialty COVID resources by major legal publishers dominate – 4 of the 15 stories. My annual “Hits and Misses” survey results  were covered in 3 of the 15 top posts. The emergence of new legal news products is also covered in 3 of the top 15 posts. The remaining posts cover new product launches and survey results.

I have also compiled a list of the top 15 posts  from the Dewey B Strategic archive which were the most read in 2020. This list appears after the 2020 popular posts list.

The Most Popular Dewey B Strategic Posts of 2020:

  1. Lexis Rides the “Insight Wave:” Launches  Lexis+ with New Look, Brief Analyzer, AI Search, Codes Compare and Loads of New Features
  2. Legal Publishers Roll Out Covid-19 Resources, Toolkits, Documents, Advice (Some Even Free)
  3. ALM Launching Legal Radar – Law350 Prepare for Incoming !
  4. Read It and Weep: Feit Report – Which Major Legal Research Vendor is Plummeting in the Market?
  5. Hits & Misses Part Two Top Cancellation Candidates: Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Spending Under Scrutiny
  6. Hits and Misses Readers Choose Best New Analytics, Workflow and Law/Reg Comparison Tools
  7. Fastcase Brings Down the Legal News Paywall With Relaunch of Law Street Media – Market Disruption to Follow?
  8. A Major Legal Publisher Adds Local COVID-19 Ordinances and Orders
  9. FREE and Powerful: Wolters Kluwer Launches  Suite of COVID-19 Smart Charts Outside the Paywall.
  10. Data Wants to be Free (of Platforms) Thomson Reuters Releases APIs for Litigation Analytics and Practical Law
  11. Hits and Misses Part 3 – Blue J Legal AI Product Tops 2020 “Must Have” List
  12. Today Lexis+ Launches Lexis Announces Rebrands
  13. Casetext’s Compose AI Powered Drafting of Briefs and Motions – Lawyers Still Required
  14. New Covid-19 Resources From Fastcase, PacerPro, Tax Notes and PubK Law. Free Covid Resources From Westlaw and Bloomberg Law
  15. Westlaw Today – Thomson Reuters Launches a Legal News Platform –Offers AALL Program

Most read stories in 2020 from the Dewey B Strategic Archive:

  1. Bloomberg Law Returns to Predictable Pricing Model – Enhances Customer Cost Management  (July 8, 2019)
  2. Hits and Misses Part 4: Westlaw Edge — Hit, Miss or Hold Off? Customers Respond – Show me the ROI! (May 1, 2019)
  3. Bloomberg BNA Announces BIG Name Change Now: Bloomberg Industry Group (Sept. 3,1919)
  4. 10K Wizard Bites the Dust. Morningstar Directs Customers to Intelligize. Will Intelligize Enter the Workflow Race? (July 3, 2015)
  5. The Improbable Rise of Law360: What Lawyers Could Learn And Its Not Just the News! ( Aug. 13, 2013)
  6. “Westlaw Answers” Looks A lot Like AI to Me. Westlaw Releases Major New Features – And It’s All in Your Contract!(Apr. 1, 2016)
  7. Thomson Reuters to Layoff 3,200 Staff Through 2020, Close Offices and Eliminate Products – Which Legal Products Might Die? (Dec. 5,2018)
  8. Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Edition: Making Everything Old New Again. Why Legal Dictionaries Still Matter ( May 9, 2014)
  9. A “Computer” Was Originally a Job Title: The History of Computing Timeline ( Sept. 27, 2012)
  10. Move over ALM and Law360 – LexBlog is Launching a Legal News Network (Sept  10, 2018)
  11. Will a Robot Take My Job? Study Predicts Increased Demand for Lawyers and Librarians Through 2030 (Oct. 10, 2017)
  12. What Do Law Firms Need to Know About Buying Litigation Analytics Products? (July 28,2018)
  13. Thomson Reuters Launches Westlaw Edge Quick Check Raising the Bar for A.I. DrivenBrief and Citation Insights(July 12, 2019)
  14. Martindale Hubbell: Another Legal Icon Bites the Dust. But It Was Once Worth Its Weight in Gold (and Held for Ransom)(Jan. 9, 2014)
  15. The Law Librarians Revolt: AALL Accuses LexisNexis of Engaging in Unfair Business Practices – Possible Antitrust Violations (June 7, 2018)