The 2020-2021 Dewey B Strategic Hits and Misses survey asked responders to identify products purchased in 2020 or to be purchased in 2021. Despite the financial concerns triggered by the pandemic, law firm librarians continued to consider new products. Some new products such as Westlaw Edge and Lexis + are often driven by an impeding contract renewal. Other product selections are  driven by  practice demands as well as a desire to remain competitive by introducing innovative solutions and enhance productivity.

The Top Products Four was the magic number this year. Each of the top vote getters were identified by 4 responders as new purchases. Those products are: ALM Legal Radar, Casetext Compose, Bloomberg Law, HiQ, Lexis + and Westlaw Next.

Intellectual property products are getting a lot of attention. Products to be purchased include: Derwent Innovation, Darts IP, Docket Navigator, ktMine, Lexis IP Pathways and PatentBot.

Knowledge Management and Document management are also hot, In addition to the very popular HiQ librarians are looking at: WestKM, Lexis Search Advantage, PacerPro API, Courtroom Insight, Covenant Review, Practical Law

Corporate Products are getting their share of budget attention. Products include: Capital IQ, Intelligize, Inframation, Marketline, SPAC Research, Pitchbook.

Analytics products had a relatively low profile in this years survey compared to other years. This may be the result of  more law firms having upgraded to Westlaw Edge and Lexis + which include analytics are part of the research platform. Analytics products mentioned for purchase include: Lex Machina, Trellis, Docket Navigator, Power BI, Gavelytics and Tableau.

Other products mentioned include: Fastcase, Practicing Law, ICC Digital Library, Manzama, Quest, Orbital Witness, Reorg Research, Thomson Reuters Marketplace.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this years survey. More information on the demographics of survey results is available at this link.

Next up – What’s Hot and What’s Not Survey results for product cancellations.