Gavelytics has announced a significant upgrade to their analytics platform including wide variety of enhancements and functionality analytics data categorization and perhaps most importantly an API so users can directly deliver data into their Organizations for business intelligence.
Gavelytics leverages proprietary AI and enabled machine learning technology to deliver analytics and insights for litigators, librarians and knowledge professional as well as  and law firm marketers. Since its launch Gavelytics has been  amassing a huge repository of litigation documents. A combination of attorney editors and software   extract and normalize data points which create and generate interactive charts.
New Features: include

    • An API providing direct access to Gavelytics’s litigation analytics and underlying data that can be seamlessly applied into workflows
    • A bold new user interface design offering deeper analytics and more customization
    • Additional proprietary judicial analytics to help better assess and understand the judge’s tendencies and fit
    • Expanded motion practice analytics covering the litigation histories of millions of litigants and hundreds of thousands of lawyers and law firms
    • Integration of new data sets, including industry categories, so users can track litigation behaviors of banking, automotive, insurance, retail and other industries
    • Updated user interface to support better data access, readability and clarity
    • The option to get custom dashboards keyed to specific law firms, litigants or jurisdictions, so the most relevant information will always be front and center
    • Major infrastructural enhancements providing faster updates and more accurate data than ever before
API’s for Business Intelligence Law librarians and knowledge managers have been clamoring for APIs which will allow firms to leverage Gavelytics data to be integrated with internal with internal firm data in order to generate custom internal intelligence.
 Rick Merrill, founder and CEO of Gavelytics. commented on the API’s in the press release. “We’ve included all new data categories, interactivity and data customization so users can get a better experience with better data usability. The new Gavelytics litigation analytics API empowers thousands of law firms, corporate legal departments and other legal technology businesses to easily integrate our industry-leading litigation analytics into their workflows, internal applications, and customer-facing platforms. With the most powerful and accurate litigation analytics available on the market supported by our all-new infrastructure, we’re very proud of the value Gavelytics delivers to subscribers.”