I always believed that Gavelytics was too good a product to disappear. I reported last summer that the pioneering state litigation analytics company was shutting down. Today’s  press release reports that Gavelytics will live again as the core of  Pre/Dicta‘s state court predictive litigation component. This transformation will fulfill founder Rick Merrill’s dream: “Pre/Dicta created what I always dreamed of for Gavelytics; a litigation analytics platform that was forward-looking rather than backward-looking, that could make predictions and not just provide generic descriptive statistics.”

Launched in summer of 2022, Pre/Dicta uses data science to predict whether a case will survive a motion to dismiss by identifying the factors that influence such a decision, including the presiding judge’s net worth, political affiliation, educational and work experience, and other biographical data points that are not intuitively significant and determine whether a case will move forward

The benefit for Pre/DIcta is that this acquisition “dramatically shortens Pre/Dicta’s timeline for creating a tool that offers instant and accurate predictions for state courts across the country.,” said Merrill, who is joining Pre/Dicta as its strategic advisor.

Gavelytics  Launched in California in 2017,  and became a leading source of state court analytics and had a strong presence across the ALM 100 firms. By 2022 it had  expanded its geographic coverage to 25 states and expanded its analytics to include  data points on judges,  law firms, lawyers, and litigants. Before ceasing operations in 2022, Gavelytics had secured multiple patents for their innovative technologies. .

Pre/Dicta  Bringing More than Data to the Analytics Party? Once again we encounter a legal tech founder with roots in the ALM 100. According to his Linkedin Profile Dan Rabinowitz started his legal career as an associate at Sidley. He subsequently worked in a variety of government and private roles including trial attorney, Assistant GC and Analytics Advisor..

Rabinowitz does not appear to be your average data nerd. In addition to  founding Pre/Dicta he  is also Co-founder and CEO of Dekō Cocktails which sells premium, ready-to-drink bottled cocktails. I predict that people will  be lining up at the Pre/Dedicta hospitality suite at their next tech conference.

For more information go to: www.predicta.com