Earlier this month Wolters Kluwer expanded their Practical Insights a component of  Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus . Kluwer which offers the leading arbitration product for lawyers added practical guidance for 23 arbitration topics. The product will expand to 40 topics by November 2021.
The Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP) platform launched in 2019 as an add on to Kluwer Arbitration. KAPP includes an arbitrator

tool, practical insights, quick answers and document guides and answer.  The product provides arbitrator profiles which can aid lawyers in  selecting or challenging arbitrators. The product also responds to the market demand for efficiency by providing templates and content which speeds analysis and drafting .
Practical insights provides easy topical access to the deep archive of arbitration commentaries ,cases, rules and research materials. The product was designed to provide three main benefits to   both new and experienced arbitration practitioners.:

✓ to provide a general introduction to each topic
✓ tor provide a detailed guide for particular common tasks related to the topic with citations to more detailed sources
✓function as a convenient reference  guide providing up-to-date knowledge on specific points”


Each topic conforms to the same organizational outline:

  • Introduction to help orientate and introduce less experiences practitioners to the subject matter, and to remind more experienced readers of the key points and any emerging trends
  • Important considerations that highlight the most important practical guidance, including potential pitfalls and main
    decision points for parties
  • Comparative notes follow a set structure that will empower parties choosing among institutions or seats of arbitration to make an informed choice, and second, to equip parties with the knowledge needed to work within institution rules or at a seat of arbitration that have already been chosen
  •  Each topic has 15 jurisdictions and 15 institutions, including the most important ones

Comparative Notes addresses one of the unique and challenging issues in international arbitration, selecting among institutions or jurisdictions and understanding the rules related to those options.  Each topic includes relevant text  and links to full text documents for  for 15 jurisdictions and 15 institutions, including the most important ones.

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