Bill Carter, ALM Global CEO

Bill Carter had a lot to celebrate during Legalweek 2022. After a two year pandemic hiatus Legalweek, the ALM sponsored international legal technology conference went live in New York. On March 9th Carter took to the stage to announce the rebrand on ALM Media to ALM Global LLC. The name change to ALM Global highlights the company’s  evolution from a US focused media company to a global platform covering international legal news and business.

On March 5th  ALM launched a free  special report hub outside the normal “pay wall.” War in Ukraine: Tracking the Conflict’s Reverberations Across the Legal Industry,  houses all of their continuing coverage related to the war in Ukraine and its implications for the legal industry.

I spoke with Carter last week about new developments at ALM Global and the state of the legal news market. Carter is bullish on ALM’s global advantage, pointing to  the continuing growth of The ALM Global suite of products,  the use of AI in delivering insights and the expansion of their readership.

News Radar and Trend Detection. At the last live Legalweek event in 2020, ALM launched Legal Radar, an innovative news service offering real time updates on new federal litigation and news in a personalized interface. The tool was expanded to include corporate deals and is now rebranded as Radar. According to Carter, that same team is about to debut an exciting new “Trend Detection” feature, which uses advanced data analysis to give lawyers and legal marketers insight on emerging trends which are not yet hitting the news.

New Corporate Readers Carter also highlighted ALM’s growth In the corporate market. There has been strong adoption of ALM products by in-house counsel. But Increased globalization and regulation provided new corporate readership with the  growing teams of risk management and compliance professionals.

The Hot Legal News Market I asked Carter if he was concerned about the increasing competition in the legal news market.  LexisNexis Law360 has been churning out new offerings including Pulse,  Bloomberg Law  has been expanding their coverage of the business and practice of law. Most recently Reuters launched a free  website Reuters Legal News outside of the Westlaw platform.

The Global Advantage. Carter believes that the quality of ALM reporting as well as their global footprint will allow ALM to maintain an advantage in the crowded legal news market. “Most legal news is either U.S. or non-U.S. ALM has correspondents reporting from regions that include Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific as well as North America (including Canada). Our brand that provides this news and analysis from across the globe is International—in which Legal Week is included for the UK region. We also have China Law & Practice within our global portfolio. ALM is continuously evaluating additional regions and countries to place correspondents to ensure coverage that our customers seek for daily context and insights.”