ALM, the “grand-daddy” of legal reporting and intelligence has launched state court coverage in Radar. Radar delivers a clean customizable stream of breaking legal news and competitive insights.

Today’s release includes more than 100 courts in California, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas and Maryland. Additional state courts will be introduced over the coming weeks and months, providing Radar users with new litigation alerts from key jurisdictions across the U.S. Most important of all the news comes with a link tot he full complaint which can be retrieved in” “one click.”

The Radar product provides litigation surveillance in commercially important state courts which are more challenging to monitor than federal courts, since there is no single reporting system for state courts. Radar covers courts that require the manual collection of documents. The Radar alerts include AI generated summaries which speed the accuracy and timeliness of delivery.

The  latest release supplements Radar’s existing coverage of federal district courts and Delaware’s Court of Chancery as well as its publication of corporate deal updates. Last July ALM released Rader Trend Detection  capabilities. 

New Alerting Features include daily case reports by jurisdiction. These new litigation  alerts that can be configured around courts, practice areas, topics, industry segments, law firms, parties or free text searches. And contain a link to the full complaint!

Daily Case Reports are designed for users who want to see all new cases filed in a specific jurisdiction. To sign up, go to Daily Case Reports in the Settings menu and search by state to see all the available federal and state courts. Each selection triggers a separate once-daily email.

The combination of adding state courts coverage and the latest user enhancements greatly expands functionality and configurability for our customers,” said Richard Caruso, Vice President and General Manager, Global Legal News. “We believe our improvements to Radar will revolutionize the way legal professionals approach litigation surveillance and make it an invaluable resource. Our goal is to help our customers save time so they can take strategic action.”

The Evolution of Radar I covered the launch of Radar and have tracked the evolution of the product since 2020. To ALM’s credit they have made a few pivots in response to market feedback. The product was originally launched as Legal Radar and was marketed as product to be delivered to a handheld device and resembled a “Facebook style stream of news.” They not only changed the name, but came to realize – what many of us know – lawyers live in email and that is the best way to deliver alerts.

Radar leverages AI technology to process court data and deliver immediate updates to users based on their interests. Practicing lawyers and marketing professionals need tools such as Radar to help them monitor Radar provides key facts, context and fast delivery of actionable intelligence which drive new business leads in law firms.

“State court filings are vitally important to the lawyers and law firms that use Radar and the courts can be challenging to monitor,” said Vanessa Blum, Senior Director of ALM Newsroom Innovation. “Our team is doing the work of collecting just-filed complaints from courthouses across the country and surfacing them with the context that enables users to act quickly on opportunities.”

Integration with My Radar is now integrated with My which contains access to the complete suite of news products.

Legal News Remains Hot! Law360 continues to pump out spinoffs – the regional Pulse products and the in depth Authority line. In January 2023, Bloomberg Law announced a commitment to expanding their legal news offering and has been on a hiring spree.

Free Now – Subscription Upgrade Later   At launch the state court alerts are available to all Radar subscribers. Later this year access to Radar for state courts will require an upgraded subscription

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