Lex Machina has launched a new module of Legal Analytics for federal courts of appeal (“Appellate Analytics”). The module adds nearly 400,000 circuit court cases from across all 13 federal circuits. Until now the majority of federal analytics products have covered  trial courts — federal district courts. Litigators will be excited to learn that there is finally a source for federal appellate analytics.

Appellate Analytics offers standard Lex Machina interface and features as well as new insights, including judge reversal rates, appeals resolutions, and appealability rulings.

Brand new analytics features for courts of appeals include:

  • comprehensive outcome analytics
  • analytics on timing & appealability rulings
  • circuit court judge, law firm, attorney, and party data
  • cases, docket entries, and documents, with typical Lex Machina features

Enhancements to district level trial courts include:

  • customizable reversal rates for all district court judges
  • all outcomes vetted through final appeal

All federal courts now feature:

  • easy links between federal district and court of appeals cases
  • one consistent experience for greater efficiency and effectiveness

“Appellate Analytics unlocks a whole new world of analytics and insights for customers,” said Wade Malone, Director of Product Management at Lex Machina. “Appellate Analytics brings two major upgrades to Lex Machina: First, bringing Legal Analytics to a new, important court system, allowing users to answer many of the questions they’ve been able to answer about district court for years. Second, enhancing the district court analytics users already love, such as outcome analytics and judge behavior, to provide even more insights and granularity.”

Lex Machina’s introduction of Appellate Analytics is a significant milestone in the evolution of litigation analytics by providing additional perspective on the outcomes of federal district court cases.

Access: Appellate Analytics will be available to Lex Machina enterprise subscribers.