Radar, ALM’s technology-driven legal news platform has added a significant new offering to its litigation surveillance tool. Radar will now offer “breaking litigation” updates from the Delaware Chancery Court. This matters because, the Delaware Chancery Court is one of the most significant courts for commercial litigation in the United States.

Each case filed in the Court of Chancery will be available on Radar with a concise summary and one-click access to the complaint.

Radar’s alerting features enable subscriber to use filters to customize alerts targeting companies, industries, practice areas and emerging topics and be alerted to new litigation across the U.S. federal courts and the Court of Chancery.

“We are excited to bring the addition of The Delaware Court of Chancery to Radar”, said Richard Caruso, Vice President and General Manager, Global Legal News. “Subscribers now have the ability to be alerted to access to the latest filings from the nation’s preeminent forum for the determination of disputes involving thousands of companies incorporated in Delaware as well as business entities at the center of much of the world’s critical commercial activity.”

What to look for:

  • New suits filed in Delaware Court of Chancery will be reported on Radar on the day they are filed
  • A daily email newsletter will provide a roundup of the latest lawsuits
  • Each new suit update includes details on parties, counsel and seamless access to the complaint
  • Access to Delaware Court of Chancery is available exclusively to and Radar premium subscribers Radar, which launched in 2020,  provides real time intelligence on litigation and deals which can be tracked across 35 industry sectors.

Earlier this year, ALM launched Trend Detection in Radar, a first-of-its-kind capability that applies proprietary AI to uncover shifts and patterns in new case filings.

“Since its creation, Radar has combined cutting-edge technology and editorial expertise to deliver valuable insights to our subscribers,” said Vanessa Blum, ALM’s Senior Director of Newsroom Innovation. “New suit alerts from Delaware Court of Chancery will provide law firms with actionable information for client service and business development activities.”

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