I always believed that Gavelytics was too good a product to disappear. I reported last summer that the pioneering state litigation analytics company was shutting down. Today’s  press release reports that Gavelytics will live again as the core of  Pre/Dicta‘s state court predictive litigation component. This transformation will fulfill founder Rick Merrill’s dream: “Pre/Dicta created what I always dreamed of for Gavelytics; a litigation analytics platform that was forward-looking rather than backward-looking, that could make predictions and not just provide generic descriptive statistics.”

Launched in summer of 2022, Pre/Dicta uses data science to predict whether a case will survive a motion to dismiss by identifying the factors that influence such a decision, including the presiding judge’s net worth, political affiliation, educational and work experience, and other biographical data points that are not intuitively significant and determine whether a case will move forward

The benefit for Pre/DIcta is that this acquisition “dramatically shortens Pre/Dicta’s timeline for creating a tool that offers instant and
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One of the best things about writing  my blog is having the chance to interview and watch lawyers transform their ” there’s gotta be a better way” moment into a product. One of the worst thing about my blog is having  to report when a wonderful “start-up” has to shut down. In this case the lawyer was Rick Merrill who I interviewed for my first Gavelytics post  Gavelytics: California State Court Analytics Developed by Lawyers for Lawyers  in October 2017.  Over the past that  5 years, I wrote 9 additional posts as Gavelytics expanded to new states, launched Gavelytics 2.0, added a Business Development tool, KM features, partners, APIs and was granted a visualization tool patent.

Gavelytics launched with several unique California features:
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Gavelytics has announced a significant upgrade to their analytics platform including wide variety of enhancements and functionality analytics data categorization and perhaps most importantly an API so users can directly deliver data into their Organizations for business intelligence.
Gavelytics leverages proprietary AI and enabled machine learning technology to deliver analytics and insights for litigators, librarians

Legal News One of the most surprising developments of 2020 was the new focus on Legal News. ALM launched an innovative new alerting services called Law.com Radar which originally launched as (Legal Radar). Here are links to the posts I wrote about  Law.com radar in February and November 2020. Westlaw although owned by the Thomson Reuters news organization had ignored the legal news market they launched Westlaw Today in 2020.  (The predecessor company West Publishing had made short lived attempt  with a product called Westlaw News sometime in the 1980s.) Fastcase which bought Law Street Media began publishing legal news which leveraged data harvested from their Docket Alarm analytics product. ( A new Lexis News offering Law360 Pulse which launched  in January 2021 was not included in this survey but will be included in the 2021 survey.)

Best Legal News Product: ALM’s Law.com Radar

Legal Marketplaces It has become nearly impossible to test and track all the new legal technology tools that flood the market each year. In addition, existing tools are transformed with powerful new functionality. Enter the legal marketplace – a new category of legal resource
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We were all blindsided as 2020 unfolded, yet the momentum of technological change and innovation assured a steady stream of new products. I have identified five trends, which I have divided into three categories: unforeseeable, continuing and surprising.

The trends I believe are worth noting — Unforeseeable: COVID-19 impacts; Predicable: state court analytics and innovative workflow tools; Surprising: legal news re-emerges as a competitive focus among major legal publishers and tech marketplaces emerge.

Unforeseeable: COVID-Related Trends

COVID alone triggered four subtrends:

  • The emergence of local law and ephemeral publications. Major legal vendors were no more prepared to track county level health department issuances and Governors’ executive orders than the average law firm. To make things worse these “documents” were issued in a myriad of social media formats, texts, tweets, Facebook pages … . What’s a law firm to do?
  • Librarians and KM professionals stepped into the vacuum and established protocols for locating and harnessing the untidy universe of COVID-19 ephemera.
  • Law firms became publishers of original COVID-19 resources (leveraging the local documents harnessed by librarians).
  • Legal publishers turned out an unprecedented number of free legal resources covering COVID-19 issues. I covered this trend in an earlier ATL post.

Continuing Trends: State Court Analytics And Workflow Tools

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Last  week  Gavelytics announced the the expansion (I would call it a makeover) of their state litigation analytics platform. Not only is the look and feel completely refreshed, but they have added new content and enhanced search and filtering features. Gavelytics 2.0 expands state court litigation analytics and data on judges, law firms, lawyers, and litigants as well as a massive searchable database of litigation documents and briefs.  Currently covering 10 U.S. states, Gavelytics coverage will expand to 20 states by December 2020.

The graphics have been enhanced for lawyers, judges, law firms and litigants. One of the best new features is the expandable list of law firm names to enable researchers to include variant law firm  names in order to capture all the relevant analytics.

Gavelytics has played an important role in the competitive market to build out state court analytics coverage.Law firms have embraced analytics to demonstrate the firms litigation experience for pitches and for developing litigation strategies.

The press release describes how  Gavelytics “analyzes tens of millions of litigation documents and applies machine learning to provide actionable insights on the behaviors and tendencies of judges, lawyers, law firms and litigants.  It
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Gavelytics is starting the New Year with the launch of a new AI enabled platform for business intelligence. Gavelytics which is a pioneer in state court analytics offering  has announced the launch a business center which will provide competitive insights into the litigation history of competing firms and opposing counsel for pitches and  identifying business development opportunities.  The press release reprinted below described the new feature  as merging judicial and motion practice technologies with trial court analytics about law firms and litigants. The platform provides insights into litigation histories, docket data and access to litigation documents.

The Business Intelligence center  currently provides insights for 18 New York counties and 4 Texas counties. New York Counties are: Bronx, Broome, Cayuga, Erie, Essex Jefferson, Kings, Monroe, Nassau, New York, Niagara, Ontario, Queens, Rensselaer, Richmond, Seneca, Suffolk and Westchester. The Texas counties are Bexar, Dallas, Galveston and Harris.

The Gavelytics Business Intelligence Center

Gavelytics is facing increased competition in state court analytics from Westlaw Edge, Fastcase/Docket Alarm and Lexis. They remain the unique source of some California motion insights including the “Gavel Score”  which indicates
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Gavelytics a high tech legal analytics company focused on state court analytics announced today that their analytics platform had been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Patent no. 10,452,734     for “Data Visualization Platform for Use in a Network Environment”  covers Gavelytics’ invention of a unique way to parse, visualize and display

Today Gavelytics announced the addition of millions of trial court dockets, rulings, and other litigation documents from Northern California  including new coverage of Alameda County. They have already begun to expand outside of California with the addition of analytics for Florida and Nevada. In a phone call today I asked  Gavelytics CEO Rick Merrill  which states they planned to launch next. I am pleased to report that Merrill indicated that New York and Texas should be launched in Q4.

New York will be launched in two parts. First the five counties within the boundaries of New York City (New York, Bronx, Kings, Queens and Richmond) will launch.There will be a second launch of  New York counties  which include the counties in the New York metropolitan area  (e.g. Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk) and  the large “up state” counties
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