Earlier this year I wrote a post about Pre/Dicta a new legal analytics product which “breaks all the rules” followed in the legal analytics market. Today Pre/Dicta announced the availability of predictions for new motion types, a new dashboard and additional interactive features. Unlike other analytics products which focuses on “the law.” Pre/Dicta focuses on profiling judges personal characteristics in order to predict how they will rule on a motion based on the characteristics of the cause of action, the parties and the attorney. It runs the predictions based on one piece of data – the Docket number! It doesn’t read the complaint, and it ignored the facts and defenses.

Founder Dan Rabinowitz built a methodology and an algorithm that is correct 85% of the time. Pre/Dicta has collected, enriched and analyzed more than 35 million docket entries, over 3.5 million cases, and 5.5 million parties and firms. This enables Pre/Dicta to generate a unique fingerprint or ‘DNA’ for each case and predicts judicial decisions. The availability of data-centric forecasts for the entire litigation timeline, from filing to trial, provides attorneys and their clients with a strategic edge and facilitates a more highly informed litigation strategy.

Pre/Dicta has profiled 750 federal judges and built an algorithm that can predict how each judge will rule on a motion to dismiss based on the cause of action, the characteristics of the parties and the attorneys. It runs this prediction based on one piece of data – the docket number!

Pre/Dicta’s case-specific metrics and outcome predictions now include:
● Enhanced AI for Outcome Likelihoods of Multiple Motion Types: In addition to
motions to dismiss, Pre/Dicta’s powerful algorithm now includes motions for summary
judgment, venue transfer, class certification, and motions to compel.
● Litigation Timeline Predictions: Pre/Dicta provides legal teams with the predicted
case-relevant timelines from filing to trial to plan litigation strategies better, allocate
resources, and inform settlement decisions.
● Venue Comparisons: Compare likely outcomes across all Federal venues, giving high
certainty to strategic choices regarding venue selection.

New TimeLine

New Interactions – Doppelganger cases

Based on lawyer feedback, Pre/Dicta now allows lawyers to interact with any Pre/Dicta prediction and re-weight or change the factors. Pre/Dicta accomplishes this by identifying additional cases and outcomes which are similar to the new factors identified by the lawyer. The platform contextualizes its motion analysis, comparing that with the judge’s decisions, as well as other judges within the same circuit and those with analogous biographical profiles.

For a deeper insight into Pre/Dicta’s transformative offerings and to schedule a demonstration,
please visit www.pre-dicta.com