On August 24, I was stunned by a press release announcing that Docket Navigator a U.S. research and analytics platform was being acquired, not by one of the usual U.S. legal tech suspects, but by a U.K. information services platform, Law Business Research, Ltd. (LBR) which has a fairly low profile in the United States. According to the press release “LBR is a global legal information services business providing intelligence platforms, legal analysis tools and networking across multiple legal practice areas. LBR brands IAM,
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Tomorrow  Feit Consulting  will be  releasing  a study “Patent Research: The Importance of Precision a Comparison of Docket Navigator and Lex Machina Data Searches” examining the comparative performance of Docket Navigator and Lex Machina  two of the leading patent research and analytics platforms. The study was paid for by Docket Navigator. According to Feit, they invited Lex Machina to participate in the study.  Lex Machina’s response is included below. Feit identified four expert patent researchers at ALM 100 firms who had access to both platforms. According to the report – the main question Docket Navigator wanted to answer was: Does AI outperform human search, or the reverse?  Docket Navigator  is described as “a human-search driven patent litigation platform.” The purpose of the study was to identify and compare the key differences in the quality and quantity of research results of Docket Navigator
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Docket Navigator  the patent litigation intelligence platform has just added some powerful new law firm case outcome analytics. Docket Navigator which has been around since 2008, offers editorially curated data on courts and  intellectual property cases. The recently launched an interactive law firm ranking feature  allows law firms and in house counsel to take a deep dive into law firm experience and outcomes across the spectrum of patent litigation activities. According to Co-Founders Amy and  Darryl Towell, law firm rankings was the feature most demanded by Docket Navigator customers.

This  feature is not  offering simply  a static list  of law firms but an interactive dashboard which allows researchers to compare law firm experience across multiple dimensions. A researcher can  retrieve comparative views of up to 3 law
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