Earlier this week, Law360 Pulse released its inaugural Law360 Leaderboard law firm ranking. This completes a trifecta of new surveys developed by Law360 over the past year. The most recent survey highlights what the editors have defined as “well-rounded firms.” The new metric purports to identify firms that excel across a broad range of criteria such as culture, reputation, and business practice.

The Leaderboard combines the scores from the previously released rankings for Social Impact and Prestige. The new score is based on the Practice Footprint law firms have made in the litigation and transactional spaces over a three-year period. Law360 leverage data from Lexis Nexis sister companies Intelligize and Lex Machina. Intelligize data was used to define the size of completed public M&A and registered offering deals. Lex Machina data provided the metrics for Federal
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LexisNexis® Legal & Professional Law360 is bringing audio to legal news. Starting today  every Law360 story that is published will include a link to a complete audio version of the story. Lexis has collaborated with an Amazon technology called Polly which can simultaneously translate every story to audio as it is published. This feature is being added to all Law360  news content including the UK newsletters.

Rachel Travers, VP of Law360 provided me with a demo during an interview. Polly has a male and a female voice that will each be randomly assigned to 50% of the stories. My brain was expecting to hear  something like menacing serenity of  Hal the computer in 2002 A Space Oddesy. But these voices a incredibly close to human tone and cadence.

As a  big fan of audio books, podcasts, Siri and Alexa, audio legal news has always seemed a no brainer to me. I was advocating for audio legal news back in 2015 when I posted about Modio Legal who was using law students to read audio versions of the ABA Journal. Lawyers are always on the run and can benefit from being able to hear the news when in transit or multitasking.

There are certain limits at launch. The voice is not customizable. I set my GPS directions to provide them in a male Australian English
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LexisNexis has announced the launch of  Legal News Hub, the latest enhancement to the Lexis+ ecosystem.  Although Lexis has enjoyed a dominant position in the legal news market, they have faced increasing competition in the past year with the  launch of significant new legal news initiatives from Thomson Reuters. Fastcase and ALM.

The Lexis Legal News Hub will now appear as a new module on the Lexis+ “experience dock. ” The Legal News Hub adds Law 360 current awareness functionality to Lexis+. This means that lawyers can get access to Law 360 content as part of an integrated research experience on Lexis+. Law 360 now covers
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I have been working on a post about the various ways legal publishers have been responding to the current pandemic, but this news was too good to hold back for a longer piece. It is not often that legal publishers forego the opportunity for revenue. Many legal publishers have begun publishing kits and resources for their subscribers which sit behind a paywall.  Kudos for Lexis Nexis for being the first publisher (that I know of) to make subscription resources available to the entire legal community for free. Content includes news from Law360 as well as a toolkit covering corporate, commercial,privacy/security, capital markets and life science issues.  According to the press release, they are providing these resources “to help legal professionals, lawmakers and business leaders become better informed and successfully navigate the legal issues and intricacies surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
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In recent months Bloomberg BNA has been introducing changes to the format, timing and delivery of their various publications and platforms. Some newsletters are being discontinued, some newsletters are being merged into channels, other newsletters will only be available in a practice center, some practice centers will only be available on the Bloomberg Law platform. For a company that wowed the market with their promise of simplified, standard pricing, the Bloomberg Law acquisition of the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) has become a multi-year content  migration
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